This is the proceduralally generated black metal created by the algorithm

Sometimes people do not look for anything specific on the web. Ot, he jumps from one hyperlink to the other, until finally quite accidentally he goes to the absolute pearl. For example on Dadabots.

In my case, everything started with visiting bandcamp. Like Spotify, but very often it is on Bandcamp that I find something new and interesting to listen to. That was in this case, when my attention was drawn by the cover of the Dadabots band , evidently inspired by one of my most favorite NOFX albums in the world - Punk in Drublic. References to the classics always included, so I clicked quickly and ...

The first issue of Bot Prownies (beautiful title) sounded very familiar, but it was not a remix. Weird. I found the answer in the description of the album, from which I learned that all 10 tracks are compositions created by the machine learning algorithm, and the album itself was created in 2017 as part of the NIPS Workshop for Machine Learning, Creativity and Design competition.

Dadabots - procedural generated distortion

That's how I came across an ingenious thing created by the algorithm. Its authors are two slightly crazy (no one would normally get it) musicians - CJ Carra and Zack Zukowski. Gentlemen, in addition to developing their production skills, are very interested in algorithms for generating music.

Dadabots is the fruit of their work, which after listening to the appropriate amount of source material is able to generate very similar compositions, which - as for the work of the algorithm - sound quite ... nice. Although this is not the best word. Carr and Zukowski very quickly discovered that their algorithm is best found in two quite specific musical genres - punk rock and metal. Experiments with hip-hop and electronic music ended quite quickly after it turned out that Dadabots does not quite find himself in such styles.

We noticed that electronic music and instrumental hip-hop compositions are not processed by our algorithm as well as organic compositions created by live musicians. Punk rock and metal were the best. Perhaps because strange artifacts of neural synthesis (noise, chaos, grotesque mutations of the voice) belong in a sense to the aesthetics of these genres. What's more, their fast pace and the creative use of very simple, often ailing techniques of playing well translate into the rhythmic distortion of the algorithm. - we can read in one of the scientific publications on Dadabots by Carr and Zukowski.

Translating from scientific language to music: punk and metal are species fast enough, distorted and so simple that the algorithm is able to imitate human creativity in a sufficiently authentic way. Even vocally. Although the vocal in Dadabots compositions is a mixture of random syllables (or words), but who cares? Without a book with lyrics, it is impossible to understand most of the human vocalists of these genres. I know the cases of bands, which vocalists used the same trick as Dadabots and made random syllables on stage, if only it sounded somehow. Can you? You can.

Current achievements of Dadabots are 10 albums , inspired by such bands as the already mentioned NOFX, Psyopus, Dillinger Escape Plan, or Cavemaster (black metal from Portugal \ m /). For fans of these bands, I especially recommend hearing the work of Dadabots. Despite the poor quality (unless you love budget sound straight from the underground of the 80s), it sounds quite interesting.

There is also a livestream with infinite, procedurally generated black metal \ m /

Developing the algorithm goes so well to its authors that they decided to make it available, streamed live ... let's call it a stream of algorithm awareness. Dadabots constantly devises new black-metal compositions, which combine with each other in an infinite, procedurally-generated live performance. It sounds obviously awful (it's black metal), but at the same time impressive. A separate phenomenon is also a stream chat on which - at what time I would not look there - there is always some music and technological discussion.

Very often, the creators of the algorithm appear on it. Although my question about the sense of creating a device to generate music belonging to very niche genres of music decided to ignore. I can only guess that the best answer to this question is simply "yes."

The name of Dada bots is certainly a hint, which refers to Dadaism - the artistic movement in which the freedom of expression of the creators was the most important. Regardless of what it was or what the creator was. Oh, such a curiosity for today.

This is the proceduralally generated black metal created by the algorithm


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