This is Adidas Futurecraft.Loop - the world s first shoes that can be completely recycled

Adidas has just showed shoes made entirely of plastic. And, exceptionally, this is not bad news.

According to World Footwear, in 2015, footwear production reached the level of 23 billion pairs a year. Guess how many of these pairs goes entirely to be recycled.


This is not possible because the average modern shoe (especially sports) is made of 12-15 different materials, which in principle makes it impossible to recycle it completely, because the materials pollute each other in the recovery process.

In addition, their production consumes enormous amounts of raw materials, not to mention the fact that trash left in the landfill itself joins the stacks of other synthetic materials that return to nature in the form of microplastics .

Adidas has just showed his idea to solve this problem.

This is Adidas Futurecraft.Loop . The world's first shoes that can be fully recycled.

Visually Futurecraft.Loop look no worse than statistical running shoes or more futuristic sneakers. Apart from the soles that bring to mind styrofoam, it is hard to guess at first that they are made of a different material than the average shoe.

Adidas Futurecraft Loop - shoes that can be recycled in 100 percent.

And yet. The new Trainers are made entirely of one type of plastic , subjected to various types of machining, to construct individual elements of footwear. When the footwear is worn out, the sneakers can be simply melted and processed again, into another product from the Loop line.

The development of this innovation lasted for six years.

The origins of the project date back to the times before Adidas and Parley for the Oceans cooperated in 2015, thanks to which many pairs of footwear are already made of plastic recovered from oceanic waters. Only in 2019 will Adidas produce them as many as 11 million.

The "recyclable adidas" project is currently in the beta phase.

Futurecraft.Loop is not yet an officially available product, but only a "beta version" of something that in the future may become an entire product line, including footwear of many categories.

The first generation has just been sent to 200 testers from around the world, whose task will be to check how "recyclable adidas" works in everyday use, and then pass on the attention to the manufacturer.

Adidas Futurecraft Loop - shoes that can be recycled in 100 percent.

It is not without reason that the new technology has been used in running shoes. This type of footwear is usually exposed to the heaviest load and consumes the fastest. It can therefore be assumed that if the technology of using a single TPU for the construction of the entire shoe will be in the running model, it will also be included in the models for everyday use.

Adidas Futurecraft Loop - shoes that can be recycled in 100 percent.

The example goes from (almost) the very top.

According to Yahoo Finance, Adidas is currently the second largest footwear brand in the world (after the Nike tandem and their Jordan sub-brands). And just like in the recently described case of a fully recyclable iPhone , we can only hope that the rest of the market will follow the example of a giant, and triple its efforts to develop strategies for sustainable development and environmental protection.

Acquiring renewable raw materials is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath there is a problem that Adidas has no solution for now - reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the production of footwear. The process of obtaining materials and their processing is responsible for as much as 92.8 percent. Carbon footprint of footwear brands (the remaining 7.2% is logistics and consumption).

It is therefore clear that we need more innovation to eliminate the source of the problem and not its effects. Although undoubtedly, the use of recyclable materials will significantly reduce the carbon footprint produced during the acquisition of materials.

The fashion industry, which also includes footwear manufacturers, contributes to the degradation of the natural environment to an even greater extent from the technology industry - analysts predict that by 2030 it will be clothes in 49 percent. responsible for climate change.

This is Adidas Futurecraft.Loop - the world's first shoes that can be completely recycled


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