They created an app to sell food that would normally end up in the garbage

Have you ever wondered how much food is wasted everyday in restaurants? Today, the Polish Foodsi application has its premiere and - I do not hide - I am very curious how it will be accepted by users. The idea is very interesting.

Mateusz and Kuba - creators of Foodsi - during their studies, they worked in the gastronomy and were forced to throw away ready-made sandwiches, cakes, bagels, etc. if they did not sell themselves on that day. Customers want to buy fresh food. The two-day sandwich will not sell, so you have to throw it away. Well, unless it sells. Foodsi creators say they know how to do it and to tell me about it, they insisted on meeting in one of Warsaw's network cafes.

Tomasz Domański, Spider's Web: So you've created an app to sell food that would not normally sell ...

Mateusz Kowalczyk, Foodsi: Exactly. A lot of products in restaurants, if you do not sell, goes to the trash. The expiration date of all the snacks we saw in the queue till the end of the day ends with today's closing of the premises.

And you want someone to buy it.

Kuba Fryszczyn, Foodsi: We want to help establishments that would like to limit the amount of food thrown to the basket without meaning. Such a sandwich, 5 minutes after closing the pub is still very good.


Buying it now, I will spend 12 zlotys. How much will I pay by Foodsi?

Mateusz: Certainly less. But it depends on the given restaurant. Generally, it looks like they display food in the form of sets. We did not want to impose any rigid rules, so in one place in the set for PLN 12 you will get a second sandwich for free, in another you will pay PLN 14, but you will get a dinner with a dessert worth PLN 30, and in another you will get a whole bag of bread for PLN 9, because you will eg the only customer arranged to collect unsold food. We have individually agreed with each restaurant, what minimum must be included in the Foodsi Kit. What a restaurant throws above the minimum depends only on its will. Usually, the price of the Foodsi Kit is lower than the regular price by a minimum of 50%.

So you do not have any influence on the menu selection at Foodsi?

Mateusz: No (laughs). To be sure, I will emphasize this: Foodsi is a platform created to sell food that would normally be wasted. Will it be 50 sandwiches or 2 chocolate cakes on a given day? This is not known. If the manager of a given place sees that the food is not selling well for the day, it is displayed in the form of Sets in our application.

Kuba: He earns a little less on it, but it's better than if he threw it in the trash.


How many premises have you managed to convince you to this idea?

Mateusz: At the start there will be three restaurants in Warsaw. We run advanced conversations with another dozen or so, some of them are popular networks. In the following days, we will be successively adding new premises. We hope at the end of April to reach the threshold of 30 locations. A few of them will be in cities such as Kraków, Poznań, Lublin and Katowice.

Kuba: I admit the number of restaurants on the first day of Foodsi is not impressive. However, this is not important to us. We did not want to throw ourselves into the deep water right away. Starting slowly, we will be able to make sure that our platform works as it should.

Have not you tested it before the premiere?

Kuba: We tested. And it's quite intense. I did not even know that there were so many Android phones on the market before we started testing. But you know, we're neither a big company nor we have some huge capital. We financed everything from our own resources, and because our team consists of 3 people, it is difficult to ensure that apka will work flawlessly on every device. We count on constructive feedback, on the part of users and forbearance. That's why we're starting with several locations on the first day.

Mateusz: Of course, we want to scale the application as soon as possible, but most of all we want to offer the best quality of services through it. Both for sellers and buyers of food.


Ok, that makes sense. Do you have any ideas for this larger scale? Supermarkets? Deliveries to the customer?

Mateusz: We want to start from cooperation with restaurants because we have the greatest idea about their operation. But yes, there is nothing to prevent all interested stores and supermarkets from joining Foodsi. For now, however, we want to see how our idea will work in a little more intimate conditions. At the beginning, we want to be available to every premises cooperating with us and react immediately to the questions and problems reported by them.

Kuba: And when it comes to deliveries, we have some good ideas for this, but we do not want to talk about them yet. All in good time. We want to develop Foodsi at the right pace. From the idea to today's premiere, we worked on it for 1.5 years, so we know from experience that building such a platform takes a while (laughs).

Do you think that Poland is ready for such a commercial form of food-sharing?

Kuba: I think so. Especially younger people. Whomever we would not talk about on this subject, we are very enthusiastic about our idea.

Mateusz: Apart from ideological issues, on our platform you can buy good food at a good price. Everyone benefits from it.

You can download the Foodsi application from Google Play and the App Store .

They created an app to sell food that would normally end up in the garbage


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