These frames, these text links, are counting on megabytes - for a decade, a lot has changed

Technology is changing faster and faster, but following the conferences and media news it is difficult for us to assess the scale of the progress. That is why it is worth going back in time and compare internet and telecommunications from 10 years ago with the current state.

10 Years challenge is an online phenomenon that conquered the Internet at the beginning of the year. Gossip portals compared stylizations of celebrities, footballers put their photos from juniors' schools, and cities boasted investments. Also ordinary Internet users were involved in the game, who eagerly decorated Instagram with their faces younger by 10 years.

We decided to have fun in a slightly different way and compare the technology world 10 years ago with the current state. We will focus mainly on telecommunications and telephones.

We start with telecoms offers.

In 2009, Audytel carried out an audit of the Polish telecommunications market. It turned out that the best mobile internet was provided by Plus, which, when it comes to the average speed of downloaded data, offered a dizzying 822 Kbps. For comparison, last year's result of Plus is already 21.56 Mb / s. Mobile Internet has accelerated 30 times.

How much did you have to pay for him a decade ago? There were several packages:

  • 25 MB - 5 PLN,
  • 100 MB - 100 PLN,
  • 250 MB - 20 PLN,
  • 500 MB - 35 PLN

Expensive. Today, few people buy packages for megabytes. In Plushu ABO for an indefinite period, we get 10 GB each month for PLN 25, and in addition social media (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp) do not use up the transfer. If someone told me in 2009 that I would be able to browse our class for free , I would have sent him to the moon. Today, all social applications are mobile-first or even mobile-only , such as Snapchat or TikTok. Additionally, 10 years ago it would be unthinkable for us to be able to take a "holiday from subscription". In Plush, with an indefinite contract, it is possible.

The websites have changed: in 2009 they were more text-based.

In 2009, text headlines dominated on Onet. The tile with a large picture was only one.

Today there are text links, but the pictures take up much more space. You can see direct links to the video or the promotion of the morning schedule live. It would probably leave us with bags for 2009, because every minute of material in 480p, it's tens of megabytes. For HD quality, these numbers go into hundreds. Of course, compression helps us. And yes, for one of the most popular music videos - Gangnam Style, the 480p version weighs 30 MB, 720p - 44.6 MB, and 1080p 73.5 MB.

Operators see changing ways of consuming content and therefore increasingly offer dedicated data packages. In Plushu ABO, we can use 10 GB of data to watch youtube-like music videos of the Dog at will.

The smartphone revolution

On June 8, 2009, Apple showed the iPhone 3GS. It had a 3.5-inch screen with a resolution of 480 by 320 pixels, a rear camera with a resolution of 3 MPix and a processor clocked at 600 MHz.

Today, the iPhone 3GS looks like a toy - with a small display, huge frames and a flawed operating system. In 2009, the AppStore was just starting up the economy of the application, and Steve Jobs was still in Cupertino.

The prospect of folding phones seemed science-fiction, a few cameras on the back for art, and unlocking the phone face or hand ... - probably no one thought about it.

Telephones at operators such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

In April 2009, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic debuted in the Plus offer. In the subscription for PLN 100, it was possible to have it for PLN 429.

It was released at a time when the industry believed that Symbian can face Android and iOS. It had a slightly smaller screen than the iPhone 3GS, but with a higher resolution. It supports touch not only with your finger, but also with a stylus and has a dedicated multimedia button. She was a real combine that I would cut into, because I wore Sony Ericsson W595 in my pocket.

What curiosities can we find today in the offer of Plush ABO with a contract for 2 years? In my opinion, the Motorola One comes best with the Pulse Max headset . I tested this phone for almost a month and repeatedly surprised me a lot. The biggest advantages are: clean, fast system, aesthetic design and a nice camera. We must accept reconciliation in the style of a weaker processor or a slightly less detailed screen.

We produce petabytes of data.

In 2009, the mobile internet traffic in the world was only 91 PB / mo. Eight years later it was 131 times more. In February 2009, the " Like" button had its premiere, which made us start uploading photos to Facebook in order to boost our popularity. Today, fairytales are falling into thousands, and almost a million users log into Facebook every minute. At the same time, a quarter of a million hours of material flows to viewers on Netfliks, and Tinder records slightly more than a million swipes .

What's most interesting, some of these services or facilities have not been in the world for a decade. Poles spent almost four times less time on the Internet than in front of the TV, although 8 million students enrolled in our class. who bluffed or sat on Gadu-gadu in their free time.

Over the years, the internet has become more attractive, faster and cheaper.

For the equivalent of two coffees a month you can now have unlimited calls, text messages, a large data package or even free broadcast for some applications. Plush ABO also adds "bonuses for internships", a cheaper subscription to the duet, as well as a roaming package within the EU - all in a flexible contract for an indefinite period. The roaming package is particularly interesting here, because once the trip to the West was connected with the necessity of disconnecting from the network. Today it would be very difficult because the internet has become an integral part of our lives.

* The material was created in cooperation with the Plush brand.

These frames, these text links, are counting on megabytes - for a decade, a lot has changed


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