There is a war with plastic. Polish cities take anti-plastic initiatives

The war on plastic is on its best. Polish cities are starting to take anti-plastic initiatives themselves. It is not enough that these are already beginning to bring first results, but in addition they find followers.

It might seem that Krakow, when putting up a bottle in the City Hall, used to buy plastic bottles (only those with a bar code), the bank broke. But the statement that only the city of Kraka stood up to the war with plastic would be extremely unfair. Other local governments also have something to be proud of. Trade networks also do this in this respect.

War with plastic according to Wałbrzych.

Walbrzych, this year, announced to everyone that he is saying goodbye to plastic . From May 1, it is prohibited to use disposable plastic packaging, dishes and cutlery in municipal institutions. Such a rule will soon apply not only in the Wałbrzych Town Hall, but also in Książ Castle and Aqua Zdrój, or the Center of Active Recreation. But we will also not see plastic disposables at any event that will be co-organized by the city.

You have to make radical decisions. Otherwise, there will be no Earth for future generations, because there will be no future generations - convinces Roman Szełemej , President of Wałbrzych.

Wałbrzych in this way focuses on ecology, but not only. It turns out that the Lower Silesian war with plastic is to be a recipe for another problem. The thing is that in the city is produced about a ton (five cubes per meter, each weighing 200 kg) of plastic waste every day. So many that the local companies do not want to receive it anymore. Even when officials promise that they will pay extra.

Effect? The growing mountain of Wałbrzych trash and systematic fires of landfills. That is why the war on plastic is treated here very seriously. It will also be supported by a poster and information campaign, the aim of which is to change some habits of the residents. And for the start of the new school year, all local students have to get organic water bottles for drinks.

Sosnowiec - fight with plastic and support sport.

In Sosnowiec, the war on plastic took the form of a joint initiative of the city and the Municipal Enterprise of Waste Management. In five places (City Hall, People's Stadium, Primary School No. 36, Winter Stadium and Kryta Swimming Pool) there are machines for segregation of PET bottles. The leadership of MPGO confirms that he wants to buy two more such devices, but he does not reveal where he will put them.

Cleaning the plastic bottles in Sosnowiec is also supported by the local sport.

The principle of operation is very simple. Anyone who puts a PET bottle in the machine can spend ten cents for each of the bottles for one of the three sports clubs playing under the name of Zagłębie Sosnowiec (hockey, basketball, football). All you have to do is press the button assigned to the club, and the funds will go to your account once a year - says Arkadiusz Teodorowski , president of the board of MPGO Sp. from the city of Sosnowiec.

Such a proposal for segregation probably appealed to Sosnowicz. From the beginning of the year, they have thrown more than 35,000 into vending machines. bottles.

I'm breaking with plastic in Legnica.

Legnica is another example of the fight against plastic in Polish cities. There will be an educational campaign there until the end of the year. "I'm breaking with plastic." Officials, cultural institutions and associations have joined the official action initiated by the municipality and the Legnica Communal Economy Company. Antipholatic activities are also supported by Team Legnica volunteers.

We want to encourage legal practitioners to make decisive steps from today until the end of the year to give up the use of disposable, plastic objects that need several hundred years to spread out in nature. We think globally, acting locally - thinks Jadwiga Zienkiewicz , deputy president of Legnica.

Trade networks are not left behind.

The war with plastic takes shape. We also want to have the largest retail chains in our country looking to take away three Polish zlotys from our reality of plastic disposables. For example, Carrefour in France is already testing the sale of products in returnable packaging. The network in one of its Polish stores in Bydgoszcz checks another solution. There customers can buy products by weighing and put in their own packaging - reusable.

Lidl, in turn, goes into the campaign "I buy, I'm not wasting" , which fits into the increasingly popular zero-waste philosophy worldwide.

Biedronka reduces packaging and saves on plastic.

Limiting plastic in the packaging of products sold under private labels is Biedronka's idea of ​​a war on plastic. This is to help eliminate up to 334 tons of plastic per year from the environment. Only in 2017, by reducing the weight of the Polaris water package, over 155 million tons of plastic were saved. And a lighter Gobio natural yoghurt cup means 9 million less plastic per year.

In April Biedronka offered her clients an ecological bag. It is made in 80 percent. from recycled materials. It is most suitable for multiple use. And what is equally important: it is fully recyclable.

Our customers eagerly reach for reusable bags, last year the purchase of bags in stores of our network decreased by almost 40 percent. Thanks to this, we contribute to reducing pollution of the seas and oceans - says Sylwia Krzyżycka, director of environmental protection at Jeronimo Martins Polska SA

Ikea wants to process plastic herself.

We have made a commitment to withdraw all plastic disposable products from both the restaurant and bistro, and from the assortment at IKEA stores around the world by 2020 - informs the Ikea Polska press office in response to the "Rzeczpospolita" questions.

Ikea is implementing the "People & Planet Positive" sustainable development strategy around the world, and the furniture giant is already processing all cardboard waste in its stores, and it wants to achieve it in plastic by 2025.

There is a war with plastic. Polish cities take anti-plastic initiatives


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