The World Press Photo 2019 competition has been resolved. Some of the awarded photos have changed the world

Fig. John Moore, World Press Photo of the Year 2019

The best press photos were selected last year. The winners are dominated by the topic of immigrants from around the world.

6238 photographers from 129 countries took part in this year's 62nd edition of the World Press Photo competition , sending 78 801 photos. As many photographers suspected, the Photo of the Year was recognized by the photo of John Moore from the Getty Images agency, who presents "a girl crying on the border". In the photojournalism category, the Dutch-Swedish photographer Pieter Ten Hoopen from the Vu agency won.

Picture of the Year

The award-winning photo of John Moore is one of those few pictures that really changed the world in some way. Maybe not all of it, maybe just a small fragment of it, but a fragment that for all people affected by the problem was then everything.

The photo was taken on June 12, 2018 in Texas, USA and quickly published in the media around the world. One of them was the "TIME" magazine, which used part of the picture on its cover.On the cover, the girl with the head upside-down looks at President Donald Trump. problem-immigration

The photo caused a lot of confusion and caused that the world's eyes were turned to the policy of zero tolerance towards illegal immigration in the US, according to which people caught on attempts to cross the border illegally were charged with criminal charges. With time, there were also reports on the separation of caught parents from children. And although, as it turned out later, the crying less than two-year-old Yana Sanchez was not taken away from her parents, it was, however, hailed as "the face of a policy of zero tolerance". Thanks to her and the photographer, the world on a larger scale learned about what was happening on the US border. The social indignation that this photo caused, strongly contributed to the suspension of the family separation policy on June 20, 2018, just a week after the publication of the photo in the media.

Whitney C. Johnson, member of the jury of the competition, draws attention to the uniqueness of photography.

The photo of the year should be surprising, unique, meaningful and memorable. The details of this photo are interesting. From the gloves worn by the border patrol officer to the fact that there are no laces in the child's shoes.

Undoubtedly, this simple, even obvious picture in the message, will go to the history of the competition.

Photo reportage of the Year

The best photographic series of the year turned out to be Pieter Ten Hoopen's "Caravan of Immigrants" from the Vu agency.

The winning series documents the largest caravan of migrants that crossed the border. Last autumn, the caravan moved from Central America towards the border with the USA. In total, according to the UN agency, it was 7,000 travelers, including at least 2,300 children. The caravan left San Pedro Sula in Honduras on October 12, and when the word was spread, it attracted people from Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.

I wanted to document what it means to be on the road to a new life or what the hope of people for a new life looks like. I wanted to focus on people, their relationships and how they deal with them, "says Hoopen.

His works have also been recognized as the best cycle in the Spot News category.

The best multimedia projects

The distinction of Interactive of the Year in the Digital Storytelling Contest went to the creators of the project "The Last Generation", bringing closer the lives of children from the Marshall Islands. Their lives are threatened by the rising level of waters in the seas and oceans.

The Photo Online Video of the Year award went to a photocast, which also addresses the issue of separation policy for migrant families in the USA. You can see it on the competition website .

The best photos of World Press Photo 2019

The World Press Photo 2019 competition has been resolved. Some of the awarded photos have changed the world


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