The subject is controversial, so Switzerland wants to investigate the impact of the 5G network on the health of its citizens

The subject of harmful radiation of cellular networks returns. This time, thanks to the Swiss authorities, who want to create a system to monitor the impact of radiation from 5G network transmitters on the health of their citizens.

The reason is the government report , which indicates that about half of the Swiss are worried about their health in connection with the planned launch of the 5G network in their country.

Because of its small size, Switzerland behaves in many ways as a country with a system of direct democracy. It's the same in this case. If more than half of citizens are concerned about an issue, the authorities must react immediately.

Switzerland will check the harmfulness of the 5G network.

That is why the local government commissioned its Federal Environmental Protection Agency to create a program aimed at monitoring the intensity of non-ionizing radiation emitted by 5G network transmitters. The results are to be available to anyone interested.

This is not a sudden panic. In Switzerland, there is the lowest acceptable level in Europe, which is measured at random in areas inhabited by local people. In the modern history of this country there have been several attempts to raise the admissible level, but each time they were rejected by the parliament there.

The Swiss explain this approach, which seems to be quite common-sense: as long as the effects of radiation have not been thoroughly examined in terms of the impact on the health of citizens, raising the norm may be too risky.

Fear of radiation

The Swiss parliament is not isolated in its fears. About 180 researchers from 36 countries have signed up to the call to warn about potential threats to 5G radiation. In their opinion, the new frequencies used in 5G connections have not been sufficiently researched, which means there is a risk that radiation from new transmitters may be dangerous to our health.

Similar concerns were expressed by representatives of the governments of the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. There are several studies , according to which excessive intensity of electromagnetic radiation can increase the risk of cancer, cause disturbances in the functioning of our nervous system, and even lead to damage to our DNA.

Most of the research conducted so far contradicts these theses.

Of course, as it usually happens in matters concerning multimillion sectors of the economy, it is very difficult to distinguish reliable research from those created under the pressure of lobbyists. The introduction of the 5G network brings with it huge benefits related to the huge Internet of Things network, thanks to which our entire infrastructure would be managed in a much more efficient way.

The best way to solve any doubts related to the introduction of the 5G network would be to commission new and reliable research. In the history of mankind, we have already been afraid of the effects of cellular radiation several times. So far, scientists have proven that this type of radiation is harmless to health. I doubt that it would be different for 5G.

The subject is controversial, so Switzerland wants to investigate the impact of the 5G network on the health of its citizens


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