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ALLPOWERS Camping Power Station Price $349 for 700W Ends Soon

The popular 700W capacity ALLPOWERS camping power station with solar panel recharging support is available for only US$349.6 till March 26. It is because of the AliExpress Anniversary Sale with a US$4 discount on every US$20 purchase (max US$16). In addition, the store offers a US$30 over US$300 order. Hence, the 700W portable power station … The post ALLPOWERS Camping Power Station Price $349 for 700W Ends Soon appeared first on XiaomiToday .

The Polish sea will be full of windmills. The government wants to apologize with renewable energy sources

We have learned the germ of Polish offshore policy. First, the necessary changes in law are to take place. The first wind farms on the Polish sea will be built no earlier than in 2025.

The protection of the environment and earth's climate finally ceases to be only the subject of more or less scientific discussions. Beating the alarm is effective and we start to address these issues with due seriousness. An example is the European Union, which in its care for the implementation of the Paris Agreement has declared neutrality to greenhouse gases by 2050.

Our country does not really want to participate in this climate offensive. Since 2014, Poland has been issuing more and more greenhouse gases. Ruling like a mantra, they say that coal will remain with us for years. Alternative? Last year, the share in the production of electricity from RES dropped to 12.7 per cent. compared to 14.1 percent. in 2017

We are starting to create offshore policy.

Elections to the European Parliament behind the belt. Therefore, it is good to show that European trends in no way are alien to us. On the contrary, we are happy to follow the Brussels trail. As I understand it, Grzegorz Tobiszowski, Deputy Minister of Energy, wanted to pass on a meeting with journalists.

In addition to data from coal companies, we were able to learn about the intentions of RES and the domestic offshore policy (offshore wind energy). According to her, the first wind farms were to be built in 2025.

It is a very ambitious date. The years 2026-2027 are more likely. Changes in the law are necessary for this. I think that there is a chance to adopt an appropriate law in this term, "says Deputy Minister Tobiszowski.

To be able to enjoy wind farms in the Baltic for 6 or 8 years, the government must take a number of necessary actions earlier. The first time will come in a moment. A special regulatory project was prepared for the second half of 2019.

It consists of new system solutions from the area of ​​RES in the Baltic. Added to this are statutory guarantees for the development of offshore wind energy. And one more thing - on the occasion of the development of innovation and the participation of local industry. Because Polish offshore policy should be the most Polish, and to cooperate in this respect, we should invite as many domestic companies as possible.

Billions of zlotys for wind farms.

A change of law is one thing. But the creation of effective offshore wind energy is associated with the need to build a service system and a system of technical control and supervision. There is no lack of money. Over the next 20 years, Polish investments in wind energy at sea can reach up to PLN 140 billion.

From scratch, that is, they are bothering the rest.

For now, the amount of megawatts from Polish offshore wind electricity is zero. The research carried out at the end of 2017 shows that the most we lack is the world's world leader - Great Britain, which at that time could boast up to 6,836 MW of windmills at sea. Germany is second (6355 MW), followed by China (2788 MW). The stake is closed by France and Norway (2 MW each) and Spain (5 MW).

Deputy Minister Tobiszowski said that by 2040 Poland would like to invest between 9 and 10 GW of wind energy investments at sea. Therefore, there is a good chance that we will not be at the end of the list for wind energy from the sea for over 20 years.

Renewable energy has to reach 15 percent.

Pursuant to the Renewable Energy Directive of 2009, Poland committed itself to a 15% share of energy from renewable sources in final gross energy consumption by 2020. According to some experts, this limit is impossible at this time. Pessimists say 10 percent and optimists by 13.8 percent. RES share for the year.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Energy Grzegorz Tobiszowski argued that nothing is yet foregone. Two laws are to be passed this year. One is to help with reaching 15 percent, and the other to enable RES auctions later this year.

Catching two magpies by the tail.

Any initiative aimed at energy diversification should certainly be applauded. But Poland also has a lot to catch up in this, as well as in the revival of renewable energy sources. It's just that it requires a clear strategy and iron consistency.

Meanwhile, our country behaves as if at all costs wanted to catch two magpies by the tail. On the one hand, against the whole world, he stamps his foot and promises that coal is not going to abandon at all. On the other hand, he draws up plans related to renewable energy and wind farms in the Baltic Sea. But in the long run, being in these two worlds has no chance at all. You have to choose. May it be good and fast.

The Polish sea will be full of windmills. The government wants to apologize with renewable energy sources


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