The Polish Post throws the InPost glove. By the end of the year, he wants to have 200 own parcel machines

Collection of parcels from small and medium-sized stores from parcel machines is almost at the level of personal collection. Poczta Polska wants to use it and finally stop looking at others. Paczkomaty Poczta Polska will initially appear in the largest cities.

Although personal collection still remains the most convenient way to receive e-shopping, it's fast on the heels of paczkomaty. Almost half of us (48 per cent) prefer it as the most convenient form of delivery. Suffice it to say that only in the period from January to August 2018 the most important player on the Polish parcel machines market, InPost, delivered over 46 million shipments this way.

What's more, a simple way of picking up purchases from parcel machines motivates more and more customers to buy in e-stores. It's already 55 percent. respondents. And it can be assumed without any greater risk that in the next years parcel lockers will only gain in popularity, conquering the financial results of companies serving them in the process.

Parcel machines from Poczta Polska are coming.

Initially, Poczta Polska became interested in self-service parcel machines. According to Rzeczpospolita , the state-owned company is tired of the leading role of InPost on the market of these machines. It wants to change it and plans to launch its own devices this year. At the beginning, Poczta Polska parcel lockers will appear in Biedronka stores and post offices.

This year, there will be 200 of them. For the start in the largest cities, to check how the new service works. If everything goes smoothly, in 2020 the Polish Post wants to have another 500 parcel machines that would appear in Carrefourach and Lidlach.

Danish negotiations in the background.

To the end, Poczta Polska has negotiations with the Danish company SwipBox, the hallmark of which is the production of devices used to receive online shipments. These for Poczta Polska are to have at least 40 lockers. But this is not the end, and more the beginning of Poczta Polska's plans related to the change of the parcel delivery model.

We run, among others machine tests in cooperation with the Polish Pakomatic startup, which provides caches in the so-called in the form of a concierge, at office reception desks or in cooperation with housing cooperatives - gives an example of other activities in this regard Rafał Makowski, manager of the network development of transmission and reception points at Poczta Polska.

Parcel lockers will also appear in others.

The effectiveness of parcel machines and their growing popularity among customers are not only appealing to Poczta Polska. For example, DHL thinks about such additional devices. Currently, this courier network in Poland has more than 800 parcel machines. This year, it plans to launch 300 more.

It is definitely a very developing market. The growing number of users and their positive ratings confirm that this is a good direction for further investments. Year to year, the number of shipments serviced in our points is more than six-fold - explains Maciej Dudek, manager of DHL Parcel access points network.

The Polish Post looks at Allegro and Orlen.

The parcel machine expansion of Poczta Polska is to be the widest possible front. Danish devices are only part of the strategy. It is estimated that in two years' time Poczta will have more than one thousand own machines to collect parcels. This is to be achieved, among others thanks to cooperation in this respect with Allegro and Orlen. Talks on this topic have been conducted for at least a year .

The Polish Post throws the InPost glove. By the end of the year, he wants to have 200 own parcel machines


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