The Pole makes the best black and white photos in the world

Fig. Szymon Brodziak

Szymon Brodziak was chosen by photographers associated in the One Eyeland website for the best creator of black and white photography in the world.

Almost 2,000 photos from 65 countries were submitted to the competition. The Pole clearly won, overtaking competitors, scoring 90 points for each of the submitted photographs. His photographs received over twice as many points as the photos of the next best-rated photographer.

Professional photographers chose the best of them

One Eyeland may not be associated by a wider audience, but professional photographers know it well. This is an online gallery, an online community where professional photographers from around the world provide their photos. The website gives them the opportunity to create good looking galleries, but also to promote and sell their works. Once a year, photographers gather and select the best photographers of the year in five categories. This year Polon Szymon Brodziak won the "Eyeland Black & White Photographer" competition.

For Szymon Brodziak, this is not the first victory in a prestigious competition. In 2013, during the Film Festival in Cannes, the jury of the FashionTV Photographers Awards recognized him as the best black and white advertising campaign photographer in the world. Two years later he became the youngest artist and also the first Pole, whose work was shown in the prestigious Museum of Photography - Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin during the exhibition "Newton.Horvat.Brodziak".

The creator was named the Best Advertising Photographer of the Year 2016, has won gold medals at the international photographic competition Prix de la Photographie Paris and the first places in the International Photography Awards and the Black & White Spider Awards.

The awarded creator is an economist by profession, who with time abandoned his learned profession and took up passion, or photography. He loves telling stories with pictures, and women play the first violin in his work. As he says himself, he loves to photograph them.

Black and white photography is a decline after old times, and yet it is still popular and appreciated

It would seem that it limits, distorts reality, not transmitting the full spectrum of colors, and along with the promotion of color films and finally digital photography and smartphones with hundreds of applications for processing, will completely go into oblivion. None of these things - black and white photography is doing very well. Many photographers love black and white stylistics, and its limitations turns into advantages, skilfully illuminating the photos. The competition "Eyeland Black & White Photographer" is a good example of this, and Szymon Brodziak is an example of a photographer who is a known artist and not only creates black and white photographs after hours, but he does it professionally in the advertising industry.

(...) I think black and white, I look in black and white and see black and white frames. Besides, I have a fondness for monochrome photography, because when I started taking pictures, I was still working on film, and I made films and prints in a classic darkroom. And so far, I'm fascinated by the effect you can get with the monochrome.

Some people think that black and white photos are created after applying a filter and this is done only to save an image that is no longer suitable in color. Meanwhile, good B & W images should be created from the beginning to the end with a view to black and white - differently exposed and composed. This is clearly seen in the work of the award-winning Szymon Brodziak.

The Pole makes the best black and white photos in the world


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