The official has improved, but the taxpayer will not see it. Another serious glitch in the e-PIT system

The e-PIT system goes through childhood diseases. We have just learned about another mistake in its functioning. In the case where the official has made changes in the statement, the taxpayer will not see the correction in his preview. A small error, because adjustments were received by post anyway, may prove quite tiring in the future.

I heard from one of the accountants at the beginning of the year to stay away from e-PITs . Although his translations of technical problems later found confirmation in reality, it seems to me that he exaggerated somewhat. The system works very well, until March 20, over 2.6 million people took advantage of it.

This does not mean, however, that everything goes according to the officials. By negligence, e-PIT could in some cases become a convenient tool for invigilating employees by employers . Now another glitch came out.

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna has determined that the system does not display changes made to declarations by officials. Why would they have to make changes manually, since the system itself sucked in our data?

This applies only to people who used e-PITs in the first days after the service was launched.

Errors appeared in the case of taxpayers who had a 50-percent tax deductible costs for both contracts   for work, as well as for the activities carried out personally . As a result of a mistake, the system then lowered the tax base. According to the Ministry, it is a group of about a thousand people.

After the corrections made by officials, the changes are invisible. Taxpayers got it by post, too, but they can forget about it in a few years. And at their fingertips will be incorrectly completed declaration, hanging on the account. The Ministry of Finance , however, assured that it is already working on fixing this error.

The official has improved, but the taxpayer will not see it. Another serious glitch in the e-PIT system


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