The new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a non-powered console, cheaper by 50 dollars. Microsoft did not take the opportunity

We have learned the details about the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition - a new platform in the Xbox family, which is distinguished by the lack of optical drive. In exchange, Microsoft reduced the price of the console. Unfortunately, the reduction is so small that the All-Digital Edition is a more unused chance than a perfect tactical move.

When I heard about budget Xbox without optical drive for the first time, I could see a shockingly cheap, shockingly affordable console through the eyes of my imagination. The product is so attractive that it could change the fate of Xbox on the markets of Central Europe, Latin America or Asia. I kept thinking about the console so cheaper that Microsoft would not even make money from selling it, but only went out of zero. Where's the point here? Where is business logic?

Of course, in subscription services.

xbox game pass spring 2019

Microsoft made a sharp turn towards video games as a subscription. Strong promotion of subscriber programs Xbox Game Pass and the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a completely different philosophy from the traditional distribution of video games. The players liked it, which is hardly surprising. If you're not only targeting the latest, loudest productions, the Xbox Game Pass simply pays off. This is a great service that gives over 100 games that you can give up at any moment.

Players, however, do not give up. The base of Pass subscribers is constantly growing, as is the recognition of the service. Monster Hunter World is about to come to the collection. There are most of Microsoft's exclusive games here (including Forza, Gears, Halo), as well as many very good productions of external developers. Prey, Vampyr, Shadow of The Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4, Fallout 4, Mortal Kombat X or Sniper Elite 4 are all correct, good and very good games. Access to them costs about PLN 30 a month.

I hoped that the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition would be a pay-per-view device.

I was expecting Microsoft to sell the console without optical drive almost at the price of production, earning it in the so-called. long tail. Instead of registering the profits from the sale of hardware, the giant would earn a subscription. In this way, customers could afford less-rich clients in their wallets, which would then provide Microsoft with a modest but steady supply of subscription funds.

Thus, Microsoft would earn in exactly the same way as Netflix or Spotify, while radically expanding the audience. Well, let's be honest, if such a diskless Xbox One S cost PLN 499, it would be a sin not to buy it. Even PLN 599 is a price that could well shake the markets naturally dominated by Sony and their PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the price of the All-Digital Edition has been set at $ 250.

Te -50 dollars it's less than some current promotions on the new Xbox One S.

Deciding to modestly reduce the price of the console without a drive, Microsoft led to a funny situation. In American stores it is more profitable to buy a standard Xbox One S than to place a pre-premiere order on the All-Digital Edition. This is an absurdity that can be deepened on the markets of Central Europe or Latin America. In practice, cheap Xbox turns out to be more expensive than exactly the same device, but with optical drive ( 250 dollars vs 233 dollars ). I do not think it was about that.

Xbox Game Pass is a great service. Xbox One S is a great console. Despite this, creating the All-Digital Edition platform, both elements did not play as they should. It is a pity, because the potential for a cheap, service-based console was gigantic.

The new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a non-powered console, cheaper by 50 dollars. Microsoft did not take the opportunity


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