The new Chrome 74 finally has a dark mode on Windows 10

Good news for night-time internet browsing on the Chrome browser. The latest version introduces dark mode on Windows 10 and several smaller improvements.

An internet browser is one of the most important and most frequently used tools at work as well as during entertainment in front of a computer screen. In turn, Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular browser in the world. It took a long time for Google to introduce a dark mode to the Windows version of Chrome, but eventually it worked.

Chrome 74 finally with dark mode on Windows 10.

You can now download Chrome 74 on macOS, Linux and Windows, but it is the users of the latter that will see the most changes. Chrome on Windows gained support for the dark mode in the official version, so you do not need to install the beta or development version. All you have to do is update your browser to 74. views .

Google did homework because it linked color settings to global Windows settings. If you have dark mode on the system level, Chrome will also adopt a graphite color after upgrading. In turn, the upper beam changes color to a deeper and slightly darker shade of blue.

Importantly, the dark mode is graphite, not completely black. This is another good Google decision, but we could expect it, because the dark mode on macOS presented some time ago looks the same. The browser did not go in full black and white letters, which would result in a mad contrast and would quickly bother the eyes. Instead, we have a dark gray color with a much lower brightness, which at the same time should not be tiring.

The new Chrome also introduces smaller changes.

Chrome 74 on macOS and Windows is a tribute to people who suffer from disorders caused by violent movement or flickering. Both Widnows and macOS in the accessibility options allow you to limit the animation of transitions, scrolling or zooming. Chrome is now able to implement a similar solution, because it respects the command prefers-reduced-motion at the level of the site's CSS code.

new chrome 74

This change can also be used by people with weak links and average computers, because less animation means less hardware load and faster page loading. Of course, in this case it all depends on the creators of the pages, because they decide whether to implement a variant on their website with simplified animations.

Another new feature is the blocking of popups appearing on pages when they are closed. Some sites detect the desire to close the card and try to stop it through a pop-up window. Chrome will block such practices, even when we have disabled protection against popups.

The latest novelty is the blocking of automatic file downloads immediately after opening the link to the file. From now on you will need to confirm the willingness to download the element, which is to increase security.

Chrome version 74 can be downloaded for free from the Google website .

The new Chrome 74 finally has a dark mode on Windows 10


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