The new Apple ad is throwing a GoPro glove, but it does not say everything

Photo: Marcin Połowianiuk

The latest Apple advertising spot from the series "Shot on iPhone" focuses on recording underwater. This glove is cast in the direction of GoPro.

"Shot on iPhone" is probably the best advertising series in the world of smartphones. Apple shows films and photos taken with it on the iPhone, and it has a lot of experience and exceptionally good taste . I appreciate especially those photos that are made by iPhone users, and then shown in Apple ads.

While the photos are difficult to accuse, in the case of Apple movies often does not tell us everything. The advertising spot recorded for the Chinese new year looks like a cinema production to which Hollywood-class equipment is involved. And although no one has proved to Apple that it is not the iPhone that records impressive spots, it is also an open secret that such a set of accessories is really used on the set, including gimbals, lenses and whole frames full of accessories.

The new iPhone advertisement was partially recorded underwater.

In the latest Apple clip, he shows snippets from the life of a Cuban surfing community. There are many shots taken under water on a great looking material.

How were these shots taken? Of course, they used the iPhone XS, while it was placed in an underwater housing, which can be seen in the video behind the scenes.

Can iPhone actually replace GoPro?

In the era of water-resistant and dust-resistant smartphones, which also have better and better movie modes, many people can question the need to buy a sports cam. Especially if you do not do extreme sports every day, and underwater videos need it once a year, on vacation.

Smartphones that meet the IP68 standard - and the iPhone XS belongs to them - can be immersed in water up to a depth of 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. Does this mean that you can dive with them? Not necessarily. The norm specifies the water pressure when the device is not moving, so when jumping into water or even when swimming, we can break the standard conditions even if we do not exceed the depth of 2 m.

And what do the Apple warranty terms say for all this?

Most manufacturers boast of the IP68 standard, but at the same time do not take any responsibility for damages resulting from flooding the device. It's the same with Apple. On the official website dedicated to the tightness of iPhones, we find the following entries:

Splashes, water and dust are not permanent and may drop due to normal product use. Damage caused by liquids is not covered by the warranty.

In the following, we read that Apple does not recommend swimming with the iPhone:

To prevent damage caused by the liquid, avoid swimming or bathing with the iPhone.

It is clearly visible that Apple is treading on thin ice in the new ad. If the user lured by the spot starts recording underwater photos on the iPhone, unfortunately, any damage will have to be taken on their own shoulders. Remember this before you go with the iPhone for holidays, not just Cuba.

The new Apple ad is throwing a GoPro glove, but it does not say everything


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