The new Acer Chromebook is the perfect computer for my parents

The biggest disadvantage of the Acer 714 from Acer is that it will probably never go to Poland. It's a pity, because this equipment is simply created for not very demanding people who are looking for a computer for years.

And although I had the opportunity to use this model for only a few minutes, I consider purchasing two items very much. I found out that this is the perfect laptop for my parents.

I know that because they have been using Chromebooks for a few years now, and also Acer. In my family home, for more than four years, two pieces of Acer Chromebook 13 (CB5-311) have been used and they perform perfectly. They allow you to browse the web, do not spoil and do not allow to upload malicious software.

However, this was not always the case

For a very long time my parents used a computer with Windows, which brand is exceptionally not important, because its biggest disadvantage was just Windows itself. There was no week in which there were no miracles with the laptop. Something changed, suspended, spoiled, a virus appeared. Classic.

After replacing your computer with the Chromebook, all these problems have disappeared as you took your hand off. The system was as limited as it was intuitive and problem-free. And since my parents were not able to see these limitations, the Chromebook brought them the same benefits. They are both quiet because they use a problem-free computer, as well as me, because they do not call me with questions and applications for new problems.

However, it's not that the mentioned Chromebook is perfect. Due to the age, the battery slowly begins to fail. Over the past few years, the requirements of many programs, including web browsers, have also increased. Therefore, the Tegra K1 processor supported by 4 GB of RAM starts to slowly fail. The most annoying, however, is the plastic housing, which shows traces of several years of use.

That's why I think about replacing the Chromebook with a new one

The recently introduced 14-inch Acer Chromebook 714 (or 15-inch model 715) has a more energy-efficient processor (Celeron, Pentium, Core - depending on preferences), which works with 8-16 GB RAM and 32-128 GB internal memory. An undoubted advantage of this computer is a fully metal casing that meets the military standard, which is much better to endure the test of time than plastic. Nice additions are also a fingerprint reader, backlit keyboard and access to the Google Play store, which allows you to install additional applications.

What's more, it's not overly expensive because it costs $ 499. After adding all taxes to it, this translates into a price equal to PLN 2,350. In my opinion, this is not an exorbitant cost for a well-made computer, which should be able to withstand 3 to 5 years. Therefore, if someone is looking for a Chromebook for everyday work - and can do it on Chrome OS - then the 714 model can be considered as complete equipment.

The new Acer Chromebook is the perfect computer for my parents


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