The moment when the main problem with the webcam is that it is too good

Logitech Brio 4K is the successor of the iconic C920 webcam. Small, solid, elegant equipment enjoys the possibilities. Precisely because of the parameters, I have a big problem with placing Brio in the application scheme. It's a gadget that hits all other webcams, but still not as good as a dedicated SLR or a modern mirrorless camera. And most importantly: Brio needs a really powerful PC.

- And because I look better - a family member disposes of me, when am amused I ask why he uses Logitech Brio 4K during a Skype call. Webcam Logi has permanently entered our home use. Mainly because it is very light (67 g) and very handy (27 mm by 102 mm by 27 mm). Even the technology family is impressed by the image quality, appreciating the equipment during the weekly video conference with Czikagowski repatriates . I'm leaning against the counter, I'm looking at this digital bridge, 7,500 km long, and I wonder: how can you make better use of such equipment?

The first, obvious answer is the same: showing the dormer while streaming the game.

Logitech Brio 4K captures 4K / 30fps or FHD / 60fps / 30fps or 720p / 90fps / 60fps / 30fps images. I quickly realized that showing all the pimples in indecent 4K resolution has serious consequences. Webcam requires a really solid PC to simultaneously record and stream UHD image. Of course, this is also the streaming of the image from the game, also in 4K and the launch of the game itself with a satisfactory number of frames. This is the combination that beat my gaming laptop, which I use since 2017.

Of course, a window with a facia in 4K is a fad. Especially if you do not want to press glass and you want to show the game first, then yourself. However, if you aim at the highest possible quality, you have to reckon with the fact that Logitech Brio 4K requires powerful, efficient equipment. Maybe it will even force you to think about setting up a second workstation dedicated to streaming. The problem is that your extruded face in UHD Twitch and YouTube will be painfully processed anyway.

At this point, it's worth adding that Logitech does not provide any dedicated recording and streaming software. The webcam is supported by the default Logitech Gaming Software application in which we can change and edit some basic parameters. However, we must entrust the streaming to an external program. Which is problematic in that OBS is not well optimized for 4K cameras. Lag, smudging, falling liquidity - these are all the problems that the owners of low and medium-sized equipment must prepare for.

Solution number two: vlogs. Here Logitech Brio 4K shows a wide claw.

Earlier, I mentioned that the family loves to use the camera during video conferencing. The reason is not only high image quality but, above all, wide angle. Brio captures the image at 60, 78 and up to 90 degrees. This last option works great during family conversations. There are several family members who can be easily located without having to fight for a place in the preview window.

With a 90 degree lens, Logitech Brio 4K shows things that are more difficult to boast of a classic webcam. For example, a beautiful outdoor frame. Or an interesting background decor. The device works great when recording materials in the field or when creating a clip with two or more heroes. The wide angle does the job and makes a difference. This is one of the biggest advantages of the new Logitech.

Being near the outdoors and the area, it is worth adding about the support of the HDR standard by the Logitech camera. The image recorded by Brio is noticeably more pronounced, more sharp and more dynamic. Unfortunately, only when there are appropriate conditions for the optics. When the light is inadequate when gray is dominant outside when it starts to darken, the picture quality in Brio disappears in the eyes. Losses are greater than in cheaper, worse cameras. Brio does not deal with the darkness completely.

Solution number three: no hey, Windows Hello

A very interesting addition for people using Brio with Windows 10 will support the Windows Hello function. Thanks to the sensors placed in the camera Brio will easily recognize the owner of the laptop, even in total darkness. Thanks to this you do not have to log in to your local account / Microsoft account by sitting in front of the machine. Just a second from Brio and you're done - you can now use your computer.

Windows Hello, of course, is not the decisive function for which you buy a webcam. However, support for this technology once again shows that the Logitech Brio 4K is more than just a webcam to stream video games. The equipment is suitable for corporations, offices and private businesses. There, Brio is not only an efficient video conferencing camera, but also a fast and efficient identity authentication system.

Strange stumbling at the camera for PLN 899.

Dark rooms are not the only problem I've encountered when using Brio. The other are automatic mechanisms of balancing with white and light. By relying on Logitech's scripts, the image recorded during the day is somewhat overstated. In addition, by bringing the object closer to the lens, we are able to distort the color. It's much better to leave Brio on your own settings, without automatically balancing the sliders for the user. The exception is autofocus, which works phenomenally.

Interesting is also the (beta) background blur function that allows you to expose the first plan. If you have a mess in your room and your parents are on Skype, the possibility of artistic blur will be invaluable. It's also an interesting effect when shooting a vlog. Especially the product, when we want to show in the foreground a gadget, cosmetic or favorite favorite of a beloved pet. However, even such an interesting addition does not justify Logitech's accusation of not having its own photo and video software.

The clip included in the kit can also be a problem. Instead of traditional clamps, we have a mechanism to lean against the back of the housing. Thanks to this, we save a laptop or TV, but on the other hand, the stability of the camera is smaller. During standard use, the Logitech Brio 4K is immobilized accordingly. It is enough, however, to hit your desk with your knee so that the webcam will sway dangerously. For three months of using Brio, I had to fish twice at the desk. Clearly there is a lack of a classic clip in the set.

Logitech Brio 4K - a future-proof webcam.

The biggest problem with the new Logitech webcam? It's just too good. Streaming in 4K is still a fad today. Some of the programs do not use the full 90-degree shot. Skype or Google Hangouts trimm the resolution. Apart from vlogging, the modern online reality has not matured yet to the possibilities offered by Brio. The Logitech device is not a product for here and now, but for tomorrow and the day after. It is a future-proof model and fully ready for this future.

Camera on a laptop:

Logitech Brio 4K (FHD):

Logitech Brio 4K (4K):

In terms of parameters and image quality, it is wonderful to have such a device. However, it is worth asking yourself: do you really need such a strong equipment? At the moment I see Brio in such sectors as business or lifestyle, not gaming. Buying a 4K webcam to stream your facia in the lower left corner of the screen would not only be unreasonable, but indecent. Logitech Brio 4K is perfect for advanced streaming as a video source for the entire screen. However, if you do not use dynamic scenes, you should think about a cheaper solution.

The biggest advantages:

  • Webcam ready for the future
  • Great sharpness, lots of details
  • Nice appearance, elegant form
  • 90-degree shot
  • Windows Hello

The biggest drawbacks:

  • Price (PLN 899)
  • No dedicated recording software
  • No standard clip
  • Most third-party programs kill image quality
  • He's not good at dark

Logitech Brio 4K is the camera of the future. However, before this fully oversees, it is worth waiting for some promotion, price reduction, strengthening your PC and popularizing the native 4K standard in the network.

The moment when the main problem with the webcam is that it is too good


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