The market is green. Plus and Premium Mobile share and rule when it comes to porting numbers

Once again, after the publication of data on the portability of numbers between operators, the Cyfrowy Polsat Group has reasons to celebrate. Plus as the only of the so-called the big four shows increases. Premium Mobile is even better than it.

Polish mobile telephony operators compete in many fields. They race not only in terms of low prices for final customers, the money they earn and the number of customers they earn, but also for which network subscribers are most likely to go from the competition, taking their number.

The Office of Electronic Communications periodically publishes data in which it states how many subscribers have lost their respective operators, and how many they have gained due to the migration of numbers. On the basis of these two numbers, profits are calculated or, for some networks, net losses.

The Cyfrowy Polsat Group , of which Plus is a part, completed 2018 with very good results .

The company was the only one to be on the nomen omen plus of all infrastructure operators. The operator handed over 353077 SIM cards annually to its competitors, but adopted 360,733 numbers from them. Thanks to this, Plus ended 2018 with a hill of 7656 SIM cards.

Considering the turnover of customers, the result is not impressive, although the direct competition, instead of gaining, fell down. In the case of the Play network, there were 12,329 numbers in the red, and T-Mobile lost 22960 SIM cards. The highest loss was recorded by Orange, reaching a ceiling of 89542 units.

The black horse in the race last year was Premium Mobile. The network accepted as many as 62688 numbers, losing only 7116 SIM cards, which means a net profit of up to 55572 numbers. In the case of Aero2, the profit amounted to 20031 net numbers (5029 in total, 25060 accepted).

It is worth adding that Premium Mobile and Aero2 are, just like Plus, part of the Cyfrowy Polsat Group.

Moving numbers in Poland in the first quarter of 2019 - Plus again, the top.

The operators moved 429326 numbers in the analyzed period. Most migration - 169424 - was made in January, and the most active day was the first day of the year; 20199 transfers were made then. In February, which is the shortest month, there were clearly fewer of them - 128249. A little more SIM cards, or 131653 units, changed the network in March.

moving numbers 1st quarter 2019 plus results

Plus excels among the so-called Big Four and now has 8343 SIM cards for migration more than 3 months ago. It is true that it is not a leader when it comes to the number of acquired numbers, but with the result of 90626 goes to the top of the stake. In addition, customers are the least likely to leave this infrastructure operator. The Greens lost only 82,283 SIMs.

The leader in the general ranking, however, was Premium Mobile.

This MVNO operator gained as many as 17617 numbers. The loss was small and amounted to 3014 cards, but the network gained 206,31 numbers. This is an order of magnitude more than any other virtual network operating in Poland. You can only see a lot of traffic at Virgin Mobile, but there's a profit (7951 SIMs) that offset losses (7821 numbers).

Interestingly, in quarterly terms a very good result was achieved by nc +, which gained 3305 SIMs. At the same level - exactly 3,012 cards more than before - the quarter ended Multimedia Polska. In the case of Netia (including the former Telefonia Dialog), 1450 new net numbers appeared in the analyzed period.

moving numbers 1st quarter 2019 plus results

In the case of Plus's competition with its own base stations, however, the situation looks much worse.

Taking into account three competitors of the Plus network, the smallest migration took place in T-Mobile. In the past quarter, the operator lost 6,560 net numbers after accepting 79238 cards and handing over 85798 SIMs to the competition. It gives him the second position in the list of infrastructure operators.

Orange ranked third. The network gained even more numbers than Plus - there were exactly 96,479 - but it also lost a lot. From the orange operator, up to 110593 cards were taken, and the net balance is a loss of 14114 SIMs.

The biggest movement was observed in Play, but the net hit the fourth place. Although the operator has accepted 111933 cards and is the leader in this respect, he lost 132377 SIMs in the analyzed period, which translates into a net loss of 20444 numbers.

The market is green. Plus and Premium Mobile share and rule when it comes to porting numbers


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