The leash has been extended several times. New smartphones do not have to be plugged into the charger in the evening

We used mobile phones every few days. Then came smartphones and we started charging them every day. Now the situation is back to normal - with modern smartphones we no longer have to remember about their daily hooking to the charger. The world will not collapse if we do not connect the plug when we go to sleep.

When it comes to batteries in mobile smartphones, almost everything has changed in the last few years - their capacity, the way they are charged and how they allow.

Big screens are big batteries

You choose between two smartphones - big and small. Small is convenient and handy, and at the same time cheaper. And big - what a discovery - has a bigger screen. A larger screen means more energy consumed. The more energy consumed, the shorter the operation time on one battery charge. Apparently yes, but not entirely.

As the diagonal of the screen increases, the casing of the device increases, which means that more space is created inside it. Other components such as the motherboard, cameras and speakers do not grow or do not have to grow as the screen grows. And that means that the extra space can be successfully used by the battery.

And it happens. The iPhone 7 has a link allowing 14 hours of talk time and 40 hours of listening to music. iPhone 7 Plus in terms of offered features does not differ almost nothing, and allows for 21 hours of talk time and 60 hours of listening to music. The difference in working time on one battery charge is considerable and will undoubtedly be felt by the user.

The first conclusion: buying a bigger phone, and such is currently the fashion of the smartphone manufacturers, we gain a longer working time on the battery.

A small explanation: many people are afraid of or even do not like big phones. I can understand. It is worth noting, however, that recently the screen diagonals have grown without the size of the housing - the frames are smaller, and the display can take up nearly 90%. front panel. Today, a smartphone with a screen size of over 6 "can fit into a phone case with a 5.5" screen from a few years ago.

New processors matter

Almost every next generation of smartphones has newer processors. New processors are not just more performance and faster running applications and games. New processors are often a newer technological process in which they were made. This in turn means higher energy efficiency.

For example, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 8 look almost the same at first glance. The same size and shape of the housing. The same screen size. However, the old iPhone 6 allowed for 10 hours of Internet work, and the new one for 12 hours. An hour here, an hour there, and it turns out that the smartphone from generation to generation works once more.

The second conclusion: buying a new smartphone with a seemingly the same battery as in the old phone, it will turn out that the working time on one charge will be much longer.

Fast charging - do not charge when you sleep

samsung galaxy s10 6 gb ram

Often smartphone users load them when they go to sleep. This scenario is repeated every day for years around the world - a small table, charger, pajamas, pillows and sleep. In the morning, get up sleepy or not, but the most important thing is that our smartphone is ready for the day.

However, you can differently. Currently, unfortunately, I do not have a smartphone that supports some sensational fast charging, but I've had such smartphones before. Then I gave up my daily phone charging when I went to sleep myself. I did it only sometimes, when it happened that my sleep time coincided with almost total discharge of the cell.

Most often, however, I was charging the phone only when it was necessary. I had to leave the house and I wanted to be sure that the phone would last? I pushed him into a quick charger, and at that time I ate, dressed and brushed my teeth. When I finished, the phone had enough energy to operate until the end of the day. Seriously. A dozen or so minutes is enough.

Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10e , Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + after a dozen or so minutes of fast charging will get so much energy that it's enough for half a day's work.

New Huaweia P30 Pro from 0 to 70 percent. you will be charged in 30 minutes.

And it will be even better. Xiaomi recently showed a fast charging system for a smartphone that charges the battery to 100 percent. in just 17 minutes.

The third conclusion: with such technologies, there really is no sense and need to leave the phone plugged into the charger all night.

Wireless charging - charge when you are not using

Another way to get rid of the need to regularly connect the charger is to buy a wireless charger. According to some of my editorial colleagues, this is life changing equipment. And I agree with that.

Thanks to the wireless charger, the need to remember about cables disappears. You place the charger on your desk and / or mount in your car a wireless charger built into the phone holder. Thanks to this, your phone will always be charged when you work in the office or travel by car.

Effect? You forget about cables and almost always have a fully charged phone.

The fourth conclusion: you can buy a wireless charger for about PLN 40 . For 40 zlotys you will change your life for the better and free yourself from the cables. It is not better to spend 40 zlotys. Believe.

Which smartphone should you buy to be great and have a super battery?

samsung galaxy s10e

Option # 1: Buy Samsung Galaxy S10 - you can choose from Galaxy S10e , S10 or S10 Plus . Whatever you buy, you will be satisfied. These are great phones that are not inferior to the competition. You prefer a little one, take a small one. You prefer medium, take medium. You prefer the bigger one, you take the bigger one. You take a bigger one, you have a bigger battery, so it will work longer, but you already know it because you read this text carefully.

All Samsung Galaxy S10 have modern and energy-efficient processors, all can be charged quickly, all can be charged wirelessly. You can buy all of them at RTV Euro AGD .

Option number 2: Buy Huaweia P30 - you can choose between P30 and P30 Pro . There is also a P30 lite model, but it has a worse processor - not only less efficient, but also made in the older technological process, i.e. consumes more energy, but ... you already know about it, because you read the entire article carefully.

You also take Huawei P30 or P30 Pro . Both support fast charging, both have modern processors and both can be charged wirelessly (here the so-called star - to charge the P30 model wirelessly, you need to buy a special case for it, because the smartphone does not have this function). Both smartphones you can buy in Euro TV Euro AGD .

* The material was created in cooperation with RTV Euro AGD.

The leash has been extended several times. New smartphones do not have to be plugged into the charger in the evening


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