The largest consumer electronics fair in Poland is starting in a month. What to expect from the Electronics Show?

The Electronics Show 2019 is about to start in a month. Visitors who visit the Ptak Warsaw Expo hall in Nadarzyn near Warsaw will be able to take a look at the latest gadgets.

Consumer electronics fairs take place around the world several times a year. The most important events of this type are the January CES in Las Vegas, held at the turn of February and March MWC in Barcelona and the autumn IFA in Berlin. None of these events is taking place in our country.

Fortunately, Polish consumers are not condemned to view new equipment only on pictures or trips to dozens of stores, just to check out several different models of equipment from the same category before buying. All thanks to a cyclical event.

The next edition of the Electronics Show , the largest Polish consumer electronics fair, is about to begin .

This year, the event will take three days from 10 to 12 May. At that time, almost all major brands - both local and global - will appear on its site. The organizer provides the following categories of zones in which partners can present their products.

  • photo;
  • E-mobility;
  • Smart home;
  • Audio & DJ;
  • VR;
  • Drone zone;
  • Gaming;
  • smartphone;
  • Beauty zone;
  • 3D print;
  • IT;
  • Startup.

The view on what to expect from the Electronics Show, of course, gives the previous edition. A year ago on the spot we found the motorometers Romet E-Pony , X-wing star wars in scale 1: 1 , interactive board Samsung , drone Tello , robot Photona , numerous stands with VR goggles , rent a car Tesla , electric scooters for postmen , TV sets 8K , Wacom tablets , academic academia, and more .

The others responsible for the Electronics Show 2019 also boast of numbers.

The organizers of the event have counted as many as 16,654 visitors to the fair. On the exhibition area of ​​20,000 sq m m 2 , 103 exhibitors presenting products from over 200 brands appeared. Certainly now they are counting on a significant improvement in this result. I will not be surprised if this happens.

We have taken the event under the patronage of the media, and on the spot you will meet many Spider's Web bloggers. People who have this opportunity, we invite you to visit the fair, and for the rest of the rest we will look out for all the curiosities on the site to describe them on the pages of our site.

The largest consumer electronics fair in Poland is starting in a month. What to expect from the Electronics Show?


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