The government takes on "days without VAT". Promotions will be considered as illegal tax optimization

Days without VAT is one of the most popular forms of promotion that Poles can find in stores. In the case of electronics, savings can reach several hundred zlotys on one equipment. It is quite possible that these are the last months in which we can enjoy such actions. The government recognized that this is just another form of tax optimization. And he is going to curb her.

Limiting the VAT gap is one of the flagship ideas of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The Ministry of Finance estimates that in 2016-2018 it was possible to recover about PLN 25 billion in this way.

However, the government's social incentives are growing, and the VAT gap is becoming smaller and smaller. And that just from this tax to the state budget affects the most money, the politicians of the ruling camp decided to drill the topic to fruition. Although it seems that this time they have driven a bit too far.

A Public Finance Commission is currently working on a project which will discount discounted and popular networks of electromarkets in the near future, organizing "days without VAT".

Soon it may turn out that such promotions will be considered a form of illegal tax optimization.

The effects of pushing through this idea will be felt primarily by people who used the opportunity to buy a new laptop, computer, TV or smartphone. On average, one transaction could save about PLN 200-300. Much depended, of course, on the price shelf targeted by the client.

Last year, during one of such promotions, the Samsung S8 + was overrated from PLN 3,198 to 2,590. The equipment, which was so far unobtainable, became, thanks to this, a bit more on the statistical pocket of Kowalski (who works for that whole month).

And there is only one problem. In day-to-day promotions, VAT is not about the fact that supermarkets do not pay VAT. It is still included in the price of the product, and the stores simply lower the final price by the tax value.

It seems that the action could fall victim to its catchy name, because a day without VAT promises that we will not pay the tax. Only if in the course of social consultations, the deputies will be persuaded to this version? Otherwise, it will turn out that this well-thought-out marketing slogan will fall prey to its own success.

The government takes on "days without VAT". Promotions will be considered as illegal tax optimization


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