The government has picked up taxi drivers? He wants to quickly push the new law through the Sejm

Next week may turn out to be for the taxi drivers and all transport applications. After years of waiting, countless project proposals, the amendment of the transport law will appear in the Sejm. The work schedule, however, indicates that everything is already decided. And not with such a feeling the trade unionists were coming out of the conversations with the rulers.

Wednesday - as part of the first reading, two committees will consider the draft amendment to the transport law. More or less a day later, the project will go to the plenary room, where the second reading will take place. And that's all when it comes to the possibility of submitting amendments.

If the MPs hurry up, there is a good chance that the bill will go to the third reading already during the deliberations scheduled between 15 and 17 May. Only then can parliamentarians at most only bend over the amendments tabled earlier. The final shape of lex Uber will therefore depend de facto on what will happen within 24 hours.

Such a quick consideration of the government's proposal by the Sejm indicates the willingness to quickly pass the project - indicates .

All this seems very interesting from the point of view of the promises that taxi drivers would have to hear. Government representatives did not submit any official declarations regarding the amendment (because and they could not, they no longer affect the shape of the project), but it could be expected that the committees would take into account the fact that the Ministry of Entrepreneurship was nervous for a few days.

The only assurance that went into the ether concerned the adoption of a new law even before the holidays.

And it will certainly succeed, even with large reserves. However, the pace of work on the project indicates that no major amendments will be introduced to it.

However, if it happened differently, the deceived would feel the representatives of transport applications. The support for the current shape is expressed by mytaxi , iTaxi and Bolt. What she does not like is basically Uber , whose representative clearly said that the entry of the law in this form " poses a great challenge to our presence on the Vistula ".

In short, the taxi drivers only won massive checks on the streets. Day by day, information about the detention of non-licensed drivers by municipal services appears. The fight for effective law enforcement is undoubtedly the success of the protesters. From the point of view of their far-reaching goals, that is maintaining taximeters and a more rigorous method of obtaining licenses, they suffered a disastrous defeat. Politicians do not even try to pretend that they are going to listen to their complaints.

What does the current amendment assume?

The change of the transport law will entail, above all, a significant lowering of the threshold to enter the profession. Licensing regulations will be liberalized liberally. To get them you just need to have a valid driver's license and a certificate of no criminal record.

At the same time, examinations from the topography of the city will be abolished, fees for obtaining a license will be reduced, there will be no need to show financial security for vehicles, and applications will be able to replace taximeters.

"Uberom" does not like the fact that certain duties will also appear on their side. After passing the new regulations, they will have to have a license, just like taxi companies, and they can get up to 40,000 fines for the lack of control over drivers. zł.

The government has picked up taxi drivers? He wants to quickly push the new law through the Sejm


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