The Gonciarz "split" YouTube. A great series from Chernobyl

You have not seen such beautiful pictures from the Exclusion Zone yet. Krzysztof Gonciarz shows Pripyat, Eye of Moscow and the power plant itself.

Krzysztof Gonciarz is a creator who does not need to be presented to Polish YouTube fans.

Chernobyl is a place that Polish jutibers presented dozens of times. And yet the Gonciarz's account is unique.

Krzysztof Gonciarz has accustomed his viewers to incredibly meticulously taken shots , clever shots and creative assembly. Cooperated with Intel or Netflix, which often raised the bar on what an independent creator can do. The Chernobyl account is a journey supported by patrons, which is sometimes viewed as a BBC document.

Pictures, especially from the drone, are breathtaking

The Gonciarz himself notices that the post-apocalyptic climate and decaying buildings are an extremely grateful background for telling stories through pictures. They offer a multitude of open air, rough texts and unusual shapes. It is not just about overturned trucks, but also about flaky paint, broken glass or trees growing from the roofs.

Chernobyl is a city where a huge catastrophe took place, marking the history of humanity, but today very little is happening in the city itself. It is a silent monument to the pursuit of fulfilling norms and setting the ideology of good for the good of individual people.

Gonciarz combines this narrative with scientific curiosities, which David Myśliwiec from the Science channel Beobot serves. Gentlemen, together they visit the most inaccessible part of the complex of the former power plant, i.e. control room of block 4. It was there that the fatal load test was initiated 33 years ago.

In the films we will also see the most interesting places from Pripyat itself, Moscow Eye and unfinished power plant blocks, which in the 80's was still being expanded.

This is a standard ride of Chernobyl tours, but in the lens of the Gonitor, it looks beautiful

Some readers may be offended by using the word beautifully. In the end, the Chernobyl disaster broke many biographies - it led to radiation diseases or displacement of tens of thousands of people. On the other hand, Zona can not refuse the charm with which the forbidden fruit is associated. Today, Pripyat has become Disneyland for urban-explorers or home-grown stalkers.

One of their factions set a goal to restore the city's former splendor. Although it is a hijacking with a hoe on the Sun, it is worth noting that under the cover of the night people who live in post-apocalypse attract people to Pripyat. They find decently maintained apartments, bear mattresses, tables, chairs and mirrors. They arrange exhibitions from souvenirs, cook dinners, and spend the nights exploring abandoned basements and searching for preserves that remember the times of the system justly passed.

If you are interested in getting to know Zona from this point of view, I also invite you to my film, which shows a week's escapade through the Exclusion Zone on foot.

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The Gonciarz "split" YouTube. A great series from Chernobyl


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