The end of xXx_Pussy_Anihilatora_xXx. From now on you can change PSN nicknames for PS4

Excitement. Tearing the cardboard. Hastily connecting the console and running the first game. In the state of euphoria caused by the receipt of PlayStation 4, you can make a hasty, hasty decision regarding the PSN nickname. Nick, who later defines you during online games with real players and which you could not change in any way. At age 16, xXx_Pussy_Anihilator_xXx could seem like fun. At the age of 26, not necessarily.

At the age of 10, 15, maybe even 20 years, console nicknames were not overly important. You could have been a brave Wulfgard, a neighborhood Łysym64 or Serge_Stro. You played with a pack of school friends, and in truth it did not matter to you what your name is. At the stage of picking up friends by shooting with rubber bands, the choice of nick was not much more important than choosing the mailbox. Times, however, change. People grow up. Just as you do not want to correspond with the boss as, you do not want to play with him as xXx_Pussy_Anihilator_xXx.

Unfortunately, when playing on PS3, PS Vicie and PS4 , you did not have the opportunity to change the PlayStation Network nickname. The reason for this was the design flaw of the network infrastructure. Unlike Microsoft or Nintendo solutions, someone at Sony came up with the idea that a nickname would also be the ID of the entire account in the system. Changing the name would be synonymous with chaos in the database. Assigned games, cloud storage rates, paid subscription - all of this is linked to a nickname and all of this could be lost after a sudden change in the profile name. I write more about the problem at this address .

After years of requests, threats and expectations, Sony finally allows you to change your PSN nickname to PlayStation 4.

For the process to become real, Sony had to make changes directly to the tools used to create games on PlayStation 4. Only the combined changes in the system, database and video games made it possible to change nickname. For this reason, productions that include new profile names are mainly those games that were issued after the first day of April 2018. In older titles, new nicknames may not be included. In addition, there may be other problems that Sony is not able to predict.

If you are afraid that something goes wrong, be sure to look at this address , where Sony explains in detail the consequences of changing the PSN ID. Under the link you will also find a list of compatible games. If you're actually considering changing your nickname on PlayStation 4, it's worth taking a look at it first. Although Sony did what it could to make the change process as safe and non-invasive as possible, it is still a gigantic system modification that can cause unexpected errors in some older productions.

How do you change your PSN ID to PlayStation 4? A simple guide from the level of the console and browser.

If your nickname was created hastily and today you are more ashamed of it than you are happy with it, it's time to change. The first modification of the PSN ID is free. However, one should bear in mind that further changes cost. $ 10 for regular PSN users and $ 5 for PS Plus subscribers. Fortunately, the return to the previous nickname is always free. Both changes and returns can be made an unlimited number of times.

If you want to change the PSN ID from the PlayStation 4 console:

  1. Start PS4, then go to the Settings tab
  2. Choose Account Management -> Account Information -> Profile -> Internet ID
  3. Enter the new PSN ID, then confirm the changes

If you want to change the PSN ID from your browser:

  1. Go to this secure web address
  2. Log in to your PSN / SEN account if necessary
  3. Select the PSN Profile tab from the left side bar
  4. Find the Internet ID parameter and press "Edit"
  5. Enter the new PSN ID, then confirm the changes.

NOTE: At the time of writing this entry, it is still not possible to change your nickname in PSN. According to Sony, the service will be launched later on Wednesday, 10 April 2019.

The end of xXx_Pussy_Anihilatora_xXx. From now on you can change PSN nicknames for PS4


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