The creators of Days Gone are brave. They brought children to play zombies, despite the objections and controversy

We're talking about Newt to them. They do not come. They do not attack. They are always staring at us from a distance, sitting on their roofs. Like some monkeys. It's just that the monkey will not attack you with claws when you turn your back. These filth are waiting for every moment of weakness. To think that they used to be children ... To think that we felt sorry for them once.

The branch is a problematic topic for video game developers. There are many reasons why hundreds of productions with living corpses appear only partially in the form of children in the form of children. In video games we can do many terrible things. However, shooting at children ... even the creators of the controversial Hatred did not want to take up such a topic . We kill the old people. We murder men and women. From time to time, we will apply a teenager or an animal. But human children? Developers are reluctant to put them in games.

Where a kid appears in games, he often gains the status of immortality.

That was, among others in Fallout and The Elder Scrolls games. Until now I remember how when playing in Skyrim I could not silence the kid who caught me in thievery. Bachor screamed in a low voice, noting the nearby guards. His immunity attracted a mass of armed men to my head, and in consequence forced her to flee. Only players on the PC solved this problem by creating a controversial mod that abolished children's invulnerability.

It's not like I'm dreaming about video violence against minors. Definitely not. Blind pursuit of realism or player's freedom is not advisable. I have always been surprised, however, why infected babies are so rare in games dealing with the zombie outbreak. I have in mind hundreds of titles with living dead, but only a handful of the victims of the virus / curse / experiments was the offspring. Immediately I come to mind the Dead Space 3 baby. In the new Resident Evil 2 is also a powerful, well-made scene with an infected girl. A specific case was also Alma in FEAR. That's all droplets in the sea.

Most often children survive magically in survival horror. Developers bury them underground, as if the juveniles never lived in infected cities and villages. Traveling the whole State of Decay, you will not come across a single child. The same applies to most Residents or the Left 4 Dead series.

Why is it like that? It seems to me that the reason is quite prosaic.

The vast majority of us are decent people. We do not want to shoot children. Infected, sick, mad or fully healthy. The child expresses innocence. Vulnerability. He is dependent on adult care. Many players are parents. Many developers are parents. Game producers simply do not want to be able to burn a kid straight into the face with a double-barreled shotgun. They do not want to be associated with it. They do not want such recognition.

In recent years, video games have broken a lot of taboos. They have moved many lines, including decency lines. However, there are topics in which developers today feel awkward. Rape. The murder of minors. Sadistic torture. These are all very dark areas that developers do not want to learn about and do not want to be associated with them. At least in a large part.

I have appreciation for the creators of Days Gone that they dared to put in their game children zombies.

It certainly was not an easy decision. I am also convinced that it was not taken to generate cheaper controversy. I spent several days with Days Gone and noticed that Bend Studio has created a really comprehensive, comprehensive, detailed lore about zombies. Physiology of the living dead, division into species (even in Latin!), Herd behavior, hierarchy in the group, migrations - all this was not only touched, but well explained. By means of dialogues and scenes, but also additional recordings and notes.

By creating such a comprehensive picture of the virus, such a meticulous ecosystem of monsters, it was impossible not to touch a topic like zombie children. With a high degree of detail of the universe, burial of minors underground, as other developers do, simply was not an option. That's why Newt appeared in Days Gone.

Newt are zombies that were once children and teenagers. Their behavior is unique.

Instead of wandering the streets and attacking people, Newt avoids confrontation. Beings are fond of safe places out of the reach of danger, such as roofs. Gathered in several or a dozen or so groups, small zombies behave almost like cats, watching what is happening outside. Their eyes are always focused on the player and his actions. After a moment of such observation you can feel really uncomfortable.

The player faces a dilemma: start shooting at the Traszki, wasting ammunition and causing noise? Maybe leave them alone and just complete the mission quickly? Beings, however, are not explicitly hostile to the player. They just ... look. Continually. Without any break. As if they were never bored, and the hero Days Gone was the only thing worth attention on the horizon. Many conservative tramps decided to save ammunition. A moment later they were dead.

The Newt is an extremely opportunistic creature. They do not cause conflicts, but they are happy to join them. They do not attack the player unless they are sure of victory. It is enough, however, to turn to the Newt with its back, so that it immediately jumps on the player, trying to bite into his throat. Newt are like vultures. Like hyenas. They sense the weakness of a potential victim and then they attack. Never before. Never blindly. Creatures do not like taking risks. They love to do this when the player is injured, when he is focused on something else or when he is in the middle of a fight.

Newts reveal the remnants of behaviors that can be attributed to a man.

Sometimes the attacking surprise from Traszka does not bite the player, but takes away an object. Like Gollum, the little creature escapes with treasure in his hand, tying him with a gigantic weight. As if some shadow of humanity was talking to zombies, longing for usable objects. Or toys. After all, Traszki is children. Well, at least they used to be. I am convinced, however, that you only need a few meetings with these monsters to unleash compassion for them.

At least partially.

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The creators of Days Gone are courageous. They introduced zombie children into the game, despite objections and controversies


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