The ban on trading on Sunday will stay with us for longer

Contrary to the suggestions that have been appearing for weeks, the government does not foresee any changes to the regulations prohibiting trading on Sunday. At the same time, they promise to constantly monitor how these provisions affect the economy. They suggest that maybe someday time will come for change. But for now, the ban on trading on Sunday will probably stay with us for longer.

We must admit that the latest announcements to change the regulations that prohibit trading on Sundays did not take off. From time to time, the media circulated and constantly spins information about tens of thousands of small stores, which by such and not other laws were to be forced to close their doubles. The dealers and employees of shopping malls also spoke about the need to modify the regulations. In the end, the Sejm Analysis Office indicated a drop in the turnover of small stores by 20-30 percent.

As if these swallows were not enough, in February and March Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki not only did not deny any changes, and even suggested them. On TVN24 he said that one of the goals of such regulations was to make Polish smaller stores grow stronger. Now it comes out black and white, as Morawiecki said, that such an effect could not be achieved.

The ban of trade, however, is unchanged.

It was also possible to suppose that the elector who wanted to please the authorities would make concessions and would allow for a Sunday visit to the shops more often than once a month. Meanwhile, contrary to all these signals, the rules in this and not the other form may remain unchanged.

The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology does not recommend changes to the current model of achieving full reduction of trade on Sunday - we read in the ministry's statement .

According to MPiT, last year was the best year for retail trade in a decade, which was supposed to affect the ban on trading on Sunday.

SMEs, however, satisfied?

There is also Adam Abramowicz, a spokesperson for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, which is against the liberalization of the provisions on the ban on trading on Sunday.

A huge number of small and medium-sized stores informs that they are satisfied with the reduction of trade on Sundays - he stated in a letter to Prime Minister Morawiecki .

At the same time, the SME spokesperson assesses the information about the alleged mass closing of smaller stores by prohibiting trading on Sunday as extremely unreliable. According to him, only maintaining the current model will eliminate the cause of closing smaller stores.

People prefer two shopping Sundays.

The Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers has commissioned a public opinion survey in which the ban on trading on Sunday is assessed. The results of the analyzes prepared by Maison & Partners indicate that supporters of only one commercial Sunday decrease in the month. Currently, 37 percent approve this solution. respondents. In November 2018 this percentage was higher and amounted to 41 percent.

At the same time, there is a growing number of supporters from last year's solution, when we could go on Sunday shopping twice a month. Now, 45 percent of them are in favor of such a model. subjects, and during the last study there were fewer - 43 percent.

It's better to check the calendar.

For now, we can go shopping to larger stores one Sunday in a month - the last one. In addition, two Sundays before Christmas and one Easter. If the regulations do not undergo any modifications, this state of affairs is to apply until 2020. However, from that time, the possibilities for Sunday with a basket in hand is to be even less. The ban on trade will not cover only the last Sunday of January, April, June and August.

The ban on trading on Sunday will stay with us for longer


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