Taxi drivers will not be thrilled. The government does not intend to disable the Uber and Bolt applications

We have been writing about the taxi drivers' strike many times, but the most interesting - the current government's attitude to transport law - remained a mystery. Until now, because the veil of secrecy was finally overturned by Jadwiga Emilewicz .

Emilewicz, as the head of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship, is one of the people most involved in talks with the taxi community. Earlier, she became known as an advocate of lightly vacuuming this profession and letting 21st century air into it.

According to the interview that Emilewicz gave to Business Insider , the protests of taxi drivers have not changed anything in this matter. And you could think about it because after the first day of the strike, the head of the Mazovian Solidarity Rafał Piotr Jurek triumphantly announced that the wallpaper will even include the subject of temporary disabling of transport applications.

It turned out that it was, however, the eyes.

We have established that it is not possible technologically, but there is no political will to close these applications or block them. Not only because it is a technological problem, but as I said that the services provided by platforms are a sign of time and attempts to block these changes remind us of the attempts to burn textile machines by fibrters in the 19th century - the minister noticed in an interview with BI.

Another thread seems to be interesting in all this conversation. Emilewicz bent over the problem of taxi drivers resulting from unequal playing rules on the transport market. While taxi drivers are burdened with the obligation of having taximeters or renewing their licenses, drivers using the application are able to ride as "volunteers" , and sometimes they do not even have a driving license and a work permit in the EU.

Therefore, the Minister considers that the biggest success of the negotiations is that the offices that should oversee respect for the law - attention - have learned about the "scale of this procedure". It seems so strange that, for example, the Krakow authorities talked about the mass character of this phenomenon at every step, regularly sending the next drivers to the court. Some of them even managed to "convert" to taxi drivers using financial penalties.

For a few days, Bolt and Uber drivers have been inspected in Poland.

So it seems that the services felt responsible for enforcing the law only under pressure from taxi drivers. Perhaps the words of Emilewicz are simply a bit of an awkward attempt to justify the passivity of the existing services.

But this is probably where the success of the strikers will end, because the government is now going to push through the amendment of the transport law in an expeditious way . This shows us that no one is going to think about revolutionary changes and it is about finally patting the findings that were hatched in March.

It is in a sense a failure of the strikers who openly talked about the desire to banalize Uber and tried to concretise access to the profession of a taxi driver. They will also get a bit of Uber with Bolt, because the amendment will force them to leave the convenient position of the tool to connect passengers with drivers who are not responsible for anything and order the records of transport and watch drivers' licenses under fine. In the most favorable situation, however, there are companies that have combined traditional taxi skills with access to applications such as itaxi and mytaxi .

Taxi drivers will not be thrilled. The government does not intend to disable the Uber and Bolt applications


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