Taxi drivers will block airports if the government does not bend. So far they have suspended the protest until tomorrow

Taxi drivers have achieved their first goal. Shortly after blocking the streets of Warsaw, they encouraged the government to talk. In return, they pledged to temporarily suspend the strike. Our information suggests that if both parties fail to agree, we will have to block the airports.

For now, taxi drivers are going like a storm. In the morning, coming from four sides to the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, they blocked Warsaw arteries . Before the protest started for good, we already knew that the politicians of the ruling camp were inclined to take trade unionists at 14 and discuss their objections regarding the transport act that is currently underway .

But this is not the end. After a few hours of discussion   Chairman of the Mazovian NSZZ "Solidarność" Rafał Piotr Jurek returned to the protesters and announced the result of the negotiations. According to his words, the government side has committed to put doubts of taxi drivers on the draft of the bill on the Council of Ministers.

What do taxi drivers want?

The issues to be discussed by politicians concern the temporary exclusion of applications for ordering journeys until they are regulated, keeping the topography exam of the city and introducing the principle of one license per entity, which would eliminate the so-called fleet partners. In practice, every driver would have to run a business, which would make life difficult for both Uber and Bolt.

In return, the strike was suspended until 9 April for hours. 14.00. The trade unionists also undertook to provide a full list of documents and postulates until 16.

What will happen if the negotiations fail?

From our information, taxi drivers have a plan to block access roads to the airport. Fryderyk Chopin and the port of Modlin. This would mean huge problems for passengers trying to get out of Warsaw (but probably also come to her).

If this happens, the moment when information about the blockade reaches the public will be important. Both airports are served by rail, which could unload traffic jams on the streets. If taxi drivers attack unexpectedly, the situation may become very uninteresting.

Taxi drivers will block airports if the government does not bend. So far they have suspended the protest until tomorrow


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