Taxi drivers prepared a hell for Warsaw residents. And then they said a word too much

We will not leave from there until our affairs are settled. They will not be dealt with, we will protest to the effect - says the chairman of the Mazovian NSZZ "Solidarity" Rafał Piotr Jurek. And looking around today in Warsaw streets I see that there is no exaggeration.

In the center of Warsaw, it was full of strollers today. They were not, however, amateurs of the waking nature, but rather people hurrying to work. The capital arteries have been paralyzed today by hundreds, if not thousands, of protesting taxi drivers.

But that could have been predicted earlier. This time the protest was attended by taxi drivers not only from Warsaw, but also from Silesia, Lodz, Krakow or the Tri-City. The streets were to be blocked by over a thousand taxis . Was it like that? Hard to say. At the very Chancellery of the Prime Minister at 12 noon there were at most a hundred and several dozen protesters. Although the new ones were coming all the time.

Taxi drivers' protest - from the beginning, they hit the patriotic tones.

Under the inscription Hodor and the homeland written on the KPRM front, there was a sea of ​​white and red banners. Later, there were also shouts accusing the government of writing a bill under the dictation of foreign corporations. All this is bathed in the deafening roar of hundreds of vuvuzela.

There was a lot of discipline among the protesters. The taxi drivers, even before the start of the demonstration, did not want to talk too much about their situation and referred to the spokesperson. And that soon followed the idea of ​​the whole protest. Probably even honestly, because it turned out that it is not about any equal opportunities, but more about maintaining the status quo.

They pretend that they are so modern that we have to adapt to them. There will be no consent - said the chairman of the Mazovian "Solidarity" under the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

- This job is not easy. Today, each of us works 40, if not 50 percent. more than before. And in fact 40 percent. earns less - added Jurek.

Trade unionists want to lobby for such restrictions in access to the profession as maintenance of vocational examinations and limits on the number of licenses issued.

Mr. Kaczyński, please ask Orban how such matters are resolved - provoked the chairman.

In this way he referred to the law introduced in Hungary in 2016, which allows the blocking of applications that offer transport of persons in breach of regulations. Hungary is one of the countries that went the furthest in the fight against Uber. The American startup was forced to suspend its operations.

Polish taxi drivers dream of a similar scenario. Meanwhile, it now seems that the Polish government intends to bet on the most liberal version of the legislation. One in which obtaining a permit to transport people will require the minimum of formalities , such as the presentation of a driving license and a certificate of good conduct. Even Bolt's boss in Poland is enjoying such a shape of the project today . So the companies to which the regulations were to hit.

Before the picket, the taxi drivers were able to prepare a good hell for the residents of Warsaw on the roads.

They attacked from many sides. For several days, they have announced that they will not reveal the routes under the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, so as not to make life easier for the residents of Warsaw and the police. The taxi drivers finally traveled from CH Targówek to Głębocka, CH Janki, Makro at ul. Popular and from under the Olympic Center. Soon after, the main arteries of the city stood.

Neither did it bother anyone who naively (like me) counted on the passability of bus lanes. The taxi drivers blocked them so effectively that the buses on the Lazienkow Route were moving at a slower pace than the cars on the other two lanes. The ride from Politechnika subway to Plac Na Rozdrozu cost me 25 minutes of life in this way.

This road, however, is corking sometimes and without the participation of any protesters. Out of curiosity, I looked at her half an hour after the start of the picket at the Chancellery. The view left no doubt.

The government has already expressed the will to start talks with trade unions. Representatives of taxi drivers are to meet with the government side at 14. Let us remind you that taxi drivers have already declared that they will not leave Warsaw until reaching an agreement.

Taxi drivers prepared a hell for Warsaw residents. And then they said a word too much


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