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Taxi drivers are lost. They are not sure what they postulated in talks with the government

Taxi drivers' protests are starting to turn into a farce. At the beginning it was quite unpleasant, drivers came to Warsaw , blocked the main streets and shouted about the dominance of foreign corporations. As time passed, however, they got lost so much that now they are not even sure what they postulated in their talks with the government.

The first act of this comedy took place on the first day of the protest, when Rafał Piotr Jurek from NSZZ Solidarność began by exchanging a megaphone about the issue which the government was supposed to address at the Social Dialogue Council . Let's emphasize - just move. His speech was received by taxi drivers with wild enthusiasm. For a moment I looked at it a bit surprised, until it finally came to me. The assembly acknowledged that the government was already committed to their implementation!

No wonder that the leaders of the protest were attacked the next day. Well, how can it be so - Uber and Bolt were to be switched off immediately, and yet they still work. Jurek tried to explain something, but his expression expressed his resignation. After all, everyone heard him talking about "temporarily disabling the application". Who would care about the context when such amazing news goes in the crowd.

The festival of misunderstandings continues.

Now the negotiating group is accused of having changed the content of the postulates of the whole environment arbitrarily. So this time it's no longer about a deaf phone, and purposeful hmm ... insubordination? Dariusz Góralczyk disclosed a document that was presented during the Social Dialogue Council. And the taxi pages were hot.

It started with the fact that among the 3 postulates of taxi drivers, which were mentioned before the protest, there was a demand to withdraw the bill (so-called lex Uber ) from the Sejm committee. Taxi drivers wanted to write it again, and above all - with their own hands.

In the final document it looks a bit different. Trade unionists are demanding only changes in the current project. But if it was only about this one discrepancy ...

The biggest storm started with a fragment about the legalization of the application.

The presented minister, Jadwiga Emilewicz, postulates that the application about the taximeter replacement application OR a better description of the requirements for this application in the act itself should be withdrawn. And taxi drivers, to put it mildly, do not look too favorably at applications as a way to settle accounts with clients. And they will probably demand to leave taximeters.

There will be a paradoxical situation, because taxi drivers will probably ask for the removal of the mobile application from the act to charge fees, and they have asked for a better description of the requirements for this application in the postulated requirements! - the Taxi Service Defense Committee points out .

It is difficult not to get the impression now that the biggest opponent of taxi drivers in this whole dispute is no longer Uber, Bolt or mytaxi . They became him alone.

Taxi drivers are lost. They are not sure what they postulated in talks with the government

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