Such things only in Orange: April 12 Apple Watch LTE will appear on offer

Apple Watch in the LTE version will hit the Orange network offer any time now. We already know when exactly the operator will sell these smart watches.

Orange was the first operator in Poland to introduce support for the eSIM module . As a result, users can become network clients without putting a piece of plastic with a chip into the physical card slot. Just click the appropriate option in the settings.

Using the eSIM card is also a way to use the Dual SIM function in iPhones .

At the beginning, only selected devices were covered with support for the eSIM module. Apple brand smartphones started the launch - the announcement of the implementation of this technology in Orange coincided with the premiere of the first iPhones using this model, namely the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR models released at the end of 2018.

Orange's eSIM module support does not end there. The list of devices is growing, and the operator has gone too far and introduced the possibility of using the same number on several different devices. Thanks to this, you can have the same number on your phone and on your smart watch and receive calls even when you leave without a smartphone from home.

Just as the new iPhones were one of the first phones in which Orange supported eSIM, in the case of watches the first fire went - first unofficially, and then with the blessing of the operator - a Samsung watch, or Galaxy Watch LTE. Fortunately, people interested in Apple's watch did not have to wait long.

Apple Watch LTE in Orange with eSIM support will be available in a few days.

This is not a special surprise, of course, because it is a natural step and the tests have already been carried out . As expected, Apple Watch watches in the LTE variant can be ordered in Poland for a few days on the Apple website. The addition of these products to the offer of the only telecom that supports the eSIM module in Poland was only a formality.

Information on this, since Orange will officially support Apple Watch Series 4 watches in the LTE variant, was shared by the spokesperson of the network, Wojciech Jabczyński. He announced that his copy of the device will be available at the operator's salons and on the telecom website on April 12.

Support for the eSIM module for Apple Watch LTE in Orange is already - and what about the rest of the operators?

Orange managed to introduce eSIM support, extend it to support one number on several devices and introduce support for Apple's watches. His direct competition in this area is still in ... the forest.

Other telecoms at the beginning did not express interest in eSIM modules in smartphones and other electronic devices. Only now they wake up from lethargy.

Representatives of the Play and T-Mobile networks have announced that support for eSIM will appear also in them. However, we do not know when exactly - if at all - Orange will catch up in this respect.

Such things only in Orange: April 12 Apple Watch LTE will appear on offer


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