So war. Microsoft will no longer tolerate anti-piracy hacks in video games

You may find that after the installation of the May 10 update of Windows 10, some of your games will stop working. What's more, Microsoft has announced that it will not do anything about it. This brutality, however, has some sense.

One of the biggest problems with Windows is its system of permissions for applications. For decades, the Microsoft system allowed application developers to have very wide possibilities to influence its operation. Admittedly, since the times of Windows Vista, a number of protections have been introduced that hinder the potential corruption of the system by individual applications, but that's basically that. The application rights system, introduced from Windows 8, is ... optional for program developers.

Microsoft is trying to modernize Windows more or less efficiently without breaking archaic applications, which still rely on millions of users. Unfortunately, not all creators want to update them, which means that even in the latest versions of Windows, there are outdated modules that create more and more problems. The May update of Windows 10 gets rid of one of them, which may cause some panic among ... players.

A certain anti-piracy game group used undocumented Windows functions. With the system upgrade, they will stop working.

Backward compatibility with these security features prevented the Microsoft kernel from being updated by Microsoft. However, the company decided to take a rather unusual behavior and informed the game developers that they would have to update their products so that they would still work with the new version of Windows.

Unfortunately, it is not clear which games and anti-piracy safeguards will stop working. We only know that attempting to run a game with incompatible security will cause the so-called blue screen of death , which will force the operating system to stop and will restart it. We also know that among these safeguards was the BattleEye mechanism, used, among others, in Fortnite.

Microsoft claims that "most game developers have been notified in advance and have already issued relevant updates." This theoretically means that players will not feel problems after updating. "Most" is not "all", so it may turn out that the video game abandoned by the publisher will stop working on our computers.

The May update of Windows 10 will be available in a few days. Its installation will be obligatory in 18 months .

So war. Microsoft will no longer tolerate anti-piracy hacks in video games


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