Rzeczpospolita Chmurowa. It is worth keeping data in our country

When choosing a cloud service provider, we usually analyze fairly obvious elements of the offer, such as price or functionality. And I would like to remind you of the importance of geography in the cloud. Keeping data in Poland is usually a good idea.

As long as we use the cloud as a typical consumer - that is, Dropbox or Google Photos - we probably do not have to worry about where our information is physically stored. It does not matter to us whether vacation photos we show to the family are being streamed from a data center in Dublin or Frankfurt at the moment. It just works. The case looks a bit different when we use cloud solutions in the company.

Hassle-free access to data, clear terms of cooperation and compliance with applicable legal provisions in Poland are the foundations of an efficiently operating enterprise. And the public cloud, like every element of the company's IT infrastructure, should meet the above assumptions.

It would be good if the public cloud was also a national cloud.

In some situations, the location of the data center in our country - as well as the representative office of the company that looks after it - may prove to be crucial. For just such a trivial reason, which is business communication. Cooperation with the Polish cloud provider is much easier when it comes to all legal issues, including negotiation of contract terms and their execution, as well as ... possible pursuance of claims.

It is obvious that any discussions or legal disputes are much easier on the home ground, under Polish jurisdiction. And as we are talking about almost the right, the supplier operating in Poland will process our data in accordance with the national regulations and standards in force - including in accordance with the RODO.

Using the Polish cloud provider means also service in Polish at every level of cooperation and easier contact with engineers responsible for migration and infrastructure. Well, let's not forget about matters, it would seem obvious. So that our data does not leave the borders of the country in which our company operates. And also about the fact that the physical proximity of the data center ensures higher efficiency of information exchange between the public cloud and company devices.

Cloud cloud uneven. Also in Poland.

The mere location of servers in Poland is not enough. When choosing a service provider, we should pay attention to the number of server rooms properly. If for some reason there is a failure in one of the data centers, another center automatically takes over its functions. Thanks to this, operational and business continuity is maintained, without unnecessary downtime or data loss.

The cloud provider should have security certificates such as ISO / IEC 27001 , which inform about compliance with the best industry practices. It is also good to comply with the CSA STAR standard that regulates cloud data security and the requirements of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standard.

- As the creators of one of the first and currently the largest Polish cloud, we are fully aware of its competitive advantages when it comes to issues related to security - comments Michał Paschalis-Jakubowicz, CEO Oktawave . - We also know that in some business cases the use of a domestic cloud provider is not enough. That is why we also have the competence to build hybrid and multicloud environments. Our Cloud Masters team will effectively plan and implement every cloud environment. It will also take care of optimization, redundancy and scalability of the infrastructure - he adds, thus providing, on the example of his company, a set of features that should be taken into account when choosing a service provider for our company.

* The text was created in cooperation with Oktawave.

Rzeczpospolita Chmurowa. It is worth keeping data in our country


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