Quizzpy is a "Millionaire Live" on your phone. You can win money in the application

At Jedynka we watch One out of ten, TVN serves Millionaires, and on smartphones we have the Quizzpy app. Every day, each of us can participate in the "smartphone game show".

Quizzpy has something to do with his television prototypes. This is, first of all, the time of broadcasting. The game show in the application is played twice during the day: around noon and slightly before 20. The first time on the table is 150 PLN, but the second time twice more.

The prize is divided among all who will answer 12 questions correctly

You can think for a maximum of 10 seconds each time. After this time, the application counts the results and in real time shows the popularity of particular responses. There is also one lifebuoy - in the event of an incorrect answer.

The questions resemble the Millionaires' construction, and the level of difficulty evokes the first stage of One of the Ten. They entertain, without special effort, memory or intellect.

Millionaires gather up to two million viewers in front of televisions. I think we would be pleased to achieve one half of this range one day, declares Marcin Kobus, who is responsible for Quizzpy.

Behind the application is the Wroclaw software house Tooploox. Its founders have long planned to create a game show, but only now has technology made it so easy. Streaming does not get stuck and there are no major delays.


The team, which at the moment consists of 12 people, started with prizes of PLN 50. The first tournaments - in August - attracted slightly more than 100 people. Today, this number is approaching 10,000. playing simultaneously participants.

We are waiting impatiently for this crucial moment. Every day, several hundred new players register for the application and we want to keep this trend - adds Kobus.

The application is today at the forefront of the most popular quizzes in the AppStore , and in the Android version has over 50,000. downloads. Popularity is growing, but how does the application plan to make money? The answer is advertising and sponsored content.

At some point, we will definitely opt for sponsored content or video advertising presented in a possibly non-destructive form - informs Kobus.

Quizzpy offers an interesting form of interactive fun, which allows you to make lunch or evening after work, and also to earn a small pocket money. Who knows, maybe in the future, Milionerzy will also release their application for answering when broadcasting the program. Access to Wikipedia, however, can be a very tempting "lifebuoy" at the time.

Quizzpy is a "Millionaire Live" on your phone. You can win money in the application


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