PSX Extreme changes the owner. The publisher of the PIXEL magazine is sharpening its teeth

psx extreme

I wrote to you a few years ago at Spider's Web, how much I liked the PIXEL magazine. Remember? There were many strong words for him.

Pixel is wonderful, he is wonderful, he is intelligent, he is Newsweek for players, Puls of Business gamers, High Heels (only without creating fictitious problems) consoles, Voguem pececiarzy.

Almost 4 years have passed since those words, Pixel is alive, well, and I keep my enthusiasm - this is absolutely the noblest product of the Polish press market. He restores the player standing in dignity and shows who the player is today. That he is often a serious man, not a strange boy nervously laughing at himself from under greasy hair.

Pixel - the biggest event in the Polish press about games on the eve of its downfall. That was the title of that article. Unfortunately, I support the words about the fall, as proof of how many press titles from the computer industry have been buried since then. And a kind of symbol of the inevitable tomorrow are the fate of PSX Extreme.

I have no intention of pretending that PSX Extreme is close to my heart

I bought two numbers - the magazine certainly does not fit in my private top 5 magazines about games that I liked the most. However, I am aware that for many players in Poland it is an icon for CD-Action. Currently, the letter is to be found, according to the assurances of the publisher, about 13,000 buyers per month.

This publisher, also a listed company, informed the Polish Press Agency that it plans to sell PSX Extreme to Idea Ahead - Pixel publisher. The preliminary sales agreement has already been concluded, and the final of the negotiations should be known even in the middle of May. This is not a transaction in which a small romantic publisher takes the title of a big publishing house, because for PSX Extreme, a company that can not be compared to Bauer or Axel Springer. If niche, then only slightly more.

I am trying to understand why Advertigo SA gets rid of PSX Extreme - are the sales results unsatisfactory? There are difficulties in finding advertisers? Or maybe a company (which leaves a portfolio of games and consoles in its portfolio) wants to withdraw from paper? This would be particularly nasty information for readers of Teraz Rock magazine, which is also a publisher.

It seems to me, however, that fans of strong playing should be calm. It's difficult to measure a magazine about games and a magazine about music. Idea Ahead, on the other hand, is a kind of counterpart of kraft beer among publishing houses. There is no extensive structure of the joint-stock company and perhaps what was unsatisfactory for Advertigo SA, perhaps even causing losses, will be a very satisfactory result for a small Pixel publisher. In any case, Idea Ahead will allow PSX Extreme and a group of its faithful fans to enjoy each other for a while, which is also important.

PSX Extreme changes the owner. The publisher of the PIXEL magazine is sharpening its teeth


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