Prague Koneser has a new tenant - Atende specializing in network solutions

The charming surroundings of the new Atende office are just the beginning of a journey through interestingly arranged spaces. Get ready for the industrial-loft climate with a touch of IT.

Although Atende routinely gains industry headlines, winning digital product rankings, recently the company has become loud due to the new headquarters. The company moved to the very center of Prague. Her new office is located on the site of the former Wódek Wytwórnia - in the Praga Center Koneser.

People who have not looked here a long time may be surprised by the unique, industrial-office atmosphere of this place. The Center successfully combines history with modernity. It is a home for startups focused on the Google Campus, as well as the Museum of Polish Vodka.

Although Koneser refers to the style of industrial architecture, the companies located here have the most in common with industry 4.0, ie based on data.

This is what Atende specializes in. The company has been building network solutions for 27 years. It implements IT projects from network integration, IT outsourcing, cloud computing and cybersecurity. Its services are used by telecommunications operators, public administration units, the medical sector, the energy sector and the multimedia market.

ChainDoc, a block of blocks in Toruń.

One of the most interesting solutions that Atende specialists are working on is a solid carrier based on blockchain. It enables fast and transparent exchange of electronic documents in a secure manner (documents contain an electronic signature protecting against modification by third parties).

The solution has already been implemented, among others in Torun Shared Services Center and in the Cooperative Bank in Toruń. Local government officials could get rid of paper documents and save on their circulation. This is just the beginning, because the ChainDoc solution can be integrated with any system, eg CRM, where the block chain can be used to record moments when there was contact with a customer or ERP - to record scans of documents and contracts.

Let's return to Warsaw and Koneser - specifically to the highest storey of the building, which Atende arranged for the Concept Space design studio.

We wanted to maintain the loft character of the interior, while creating a comfortable workplace, inscribing into the character of the building - say Marta Michalska and Paulina Pilut from Concept Space.

The high storey was a challenge on the acoustic side. Therefore, the designers decided to use suspended honeycombs that improved sound propagation.

Social zones have a slightly different character - lined with soft carpets and stone-shaped poufs. Graffiti on the wall is inspired by Banksy's works.

Kitchens were also made in a similar style - they were cozy and functional.

The board area is a slightly different style. More serious, universal and oriented to receiving guests.

Conference rooms are named after the key inventors of physics and computer science. They were equipped with Cisco teleconferencing systems, which let you feel almost like we were in the same room with people from the other side of the world.

Atende works closely with Cisco. Only last year the American company rewarded Poles with the titles: Enterprise Partner of the Year and Marketing Innovation Partner of the Year in the CEE region.

Atende integrates Cisco network solutions among its customers, but also uses its partner's partner software. This includes Webex for team meetings via the network or Jabber, which turns the computer into a video-desk phone.

Visiting the Atende office ends at the reception. I must admit that I liked the space very much. It is comfortable, functional and nice. It is in these walls that works on the hottest technologies are underway: artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT and big data, which guarantees that we will hear about Atende more than once in a global context.

* The material was created in cooperation with the Atende brand.

Prague Koneser has a new tenant - Atende specializing in network solutions


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