Pope Francis showed that everyone can program

Code.org is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote active access to computers in schools, to learn programming among children and young people and to encourage women to deal with exact science.

Thanks to partners around the world, organizations are able to offer programming courses, and create free lesson scenarios that can then be used in school learning. The kids learn from examples drawn from their own experiences: whether using the algorithms of building blocks or Minecraft automation, which was expanded thanks to the partnership with Microsoft.

It is not without significance to encourage different people to try to write at least a few words in a programming language. Publicly, the first steps in programming were made by former British Prime Minister David Cameron, US President Barack Obama, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (who just surprised everyone by starting a meeting with a confession that he once wrote in C ++).

Quite recently 82-year-old Pope Francis joined the list of these people. As part of the Programming for Peace project, the Pope added the last line of the emerging script by typing on the iPad:

setScreen("por la Paz") ;

The words 'por la Paz' mean 'for peace'. The setScreen command setScreen switched the interface of the application being built to a table that represented a setScreen that is the mission of the Programming for Peace project:

Information technology enables young people to co-create peace in their communities. Everyone should master technology, and use its creative power for peaceful purposes.

Of course inviting famous people to this type of "acts" is only a public relations operation. Nevertheless, every method is good to encourage kids to learn about technology not only from the consumer side, but from the "power user" level. So a user who can fully use the power of the technologies he uses.

Pope Francis showed that everyone can program


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