Polish drone manufacturer accuses MON. The State Treasury was to lose half a billion zlotys

Half a billion zlotys was to lose the State Treasury by the conduct of defense officials. This is what Flytronic, a company from Gliwice that produces drones, has already notified the prosecutor's office. According to representatives of the Polish Armaments Group, you can not talk about breaking the law.

It is estimated that already in 2020 the market for unmanned aircraft will be worth less than half a billion zlotys: PLN 477 billion. There is a good chance that drones will revolutionize communications and transport, but also the army itself.

In 2017, the Ministry of National Defense signed an agreement with the WB Electronics Group , which includes Flytronic SA from Gliwice, or Zakład Automatyki i Urządzeń Pomiarowych AREX Sp. z o. o. The subject is the delivery of Warmate circulating ammunition systems. It's about a thousand unmanned aerial vehicles: one hundred sets of 10 drones each.

In adapting the Polish law to the function and characteristics of the drones he was to help, among others the "Żwirko i Wigura" program , which places a regulatory sandbox in Warsaw and Katowice. It is these areas with numerous post-industrial areas that are to be ideal for practicing unmanned aerial vehicles.

However, the Defense Ministry only allowed the Polish Armaments Group.

It may seem that the majority of these conditions for the development of drone technology can only envy us. Because there is an experienced producer, there is also political will and attempts to adapt to legal regulations. What more could you want?

Everything changed last year, when the Ministry of National Defense announced a tender for the delivery of the eight systems of unmanned aerial vehicles PGZ-19R of the Orlik class in 2021-2023. As a result, the Ministry of National Defense signed an agreement with PGŻ for PLN 790 million. The problem is that the bidders were more, but the resort only considered the proposal of the PGŻ (joint consortium with Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze No. 2 and the company Pit-Radwar). He did not even look at the others.

Flytronic to the prosecutor's office: it's breaking the law.

According to the representatives of the Flytronic company, the same Defense Ministry has committed a violation of the law. By not allowing others who could simply have more financially advantageous offers, the State Treasury was to lose up to PLN 500 million. What is more, in the opinion of the entity that is part of the WB Electronics Group, there was also a breach of aviation law.

The offense was to not report the ship PGZ-19R to the register kept by the Civil Aviation Office. According to PGŻ, drones intended for the army do not require such a civil registry. Defense Ministry does not comment on anything yet.

Polish drone manufacturer accuses MON. The State Treasury was to lose half a billion zlotys


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