Play may be prohibited from using the "5G Ready" password. The competition went to court

It is possible that Play will lose the right to the name 5G Ready. T-Mobile is behind this and has challenged the competitor. Orange is certainly very happy now.

Polish operators have begun another arms race. In the coming years, the construction of the 5th generation mobile network will begin, which will introduce mobile internet to an unattainable level. So far, only the first tests of new technology have been carried out.

Play and the 5G Ready network

T-Mobile and Orange at the moment praise successive tests technology 5G, but stress that this is only the first pilot programs. Not only infrastructure is missing, but also devices with appropriate modems. It will be years before the 5th generation network comes in for good use.

Plus, so far he has not presented a clearly defined vision, but he dreams about one generation 5 network for the whole country . The last of Polish infrastructure telecoms decided to use the name 5G in his marketing communication. The purple operator defined the LTE network with the appropriate parameters as 5G Ready.

Play thinks his network is ready for 5G .

His two competitors, who are actively working on the 5th generation network, are not very satisfied with this fact. Play does care about defining the LTE network as 5G only 5G Ready, but even its employees who serve social media clients do not quite catch this subtle difference.

Representatives of the purple operator, however, argue that this is not a replay of history, when a few years ago Play used the 4G brand name to describe the advanced 3rd generation network. Now the situation is actually a bit different, but it is not strange that it arouses so huge emotions.

After the Play network announced the start of marketing communication with the use of the 5G Ready password on the links it burst.

Representatives of two of the other three Polish infrastructure operators, namely Orange and T-Mobile, began to bite the purple rival. The leader was Wojciech Jabczyński, the press spokesman of the orange operator. He called the 5G Ready network a "chocolate-like product" and an erzac.

Wojciech Jabczyński also recalled other examples from history, where in his opinion there was an abuse in the performance of his competition. UPC was again reminded of the fiber optic network, although the Internet was provided with internet via coaxial cable.

The next stage of the 5G Ready fight ended in court.

Orange limited himself to hammering into competition, but T-Mobile decided that banting on Twitter and operator blogs is not enough. The case regarding the 5G Ready password eventually landed in the District Court in Warsaw. The first clash between telecoms ended with an unfavorable outcome for Play.

As I managed to determine in an interview with a representative of one of the telecoms, Play may lose the right to use the 5G Ready brand. According to unofficial information, the court decided to secure T-Mobile's claims and obligated the violet ones to stop using their password.

T-Mobile argues that using a competitor with the name 5G Ready harms its interests and is an act of unfair competition. If this is the case, then of course it will turn out, because the procedure continues. The creators of the 5G Ready campaign can still appeal against this decision and continue to broadcast their ads.

Play may be prohibited from using the "5G Ready" password. The competition went to court


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