Pitchers of the year: Coca-cola sends empty bottles to people just to throw them in the trash

We all remember very well the marketing traps of Żytnia , Tiger or the intended, idiotic activities of Devil Energy . Today, Coca-Cola joins this group of marketing misfires with a repulse that no one expected.

(Un) lucky people on the influential list at the Coca-Cola marketing agency receive a special package today - an empty bottle of Coca-Cola in a cardboard case with a hashtag # still changing with an attached note.


The letter starts with these words:

This bottle with the letter you hold in your hand found her recipient. However, in the seas and oceans around the world there is a huge number of similar packaging, whose only recipient is our planet. These packages do not have the middle of the letter, but anonymous senders send them with one blunt message.

It is the manifesto of ignorance.

Annually, 9 million tons of plastic goes to the oceans on average. We have to change it. We want to create a waste-free world, that's why we feel responsible for every packaging we launch.

I admit, my brain has flipped out somersault at least three times reading these three paragraphs. The aim of the action is to encourage recycling by throwing the bottle into a suitable container. The goal is noble, right, needed. But the implementation - to put it mildly - is some mockery.


The Coca-Colo road, the manifesto of ignorance, is this marketing campaign.

The letter is right. Today, in the seas and oceans, there are over 170 million tons of plastic floating , and it does not diminish, because if people perfectly get rid of the planet, we can not clean it up .

Ironically, according to the Greenpeace report (and other independent reports ), it is Coca-Cola, together with Pepsico and Nestle, who is mainly responsible for this state of affairs.


And this does not really put the company in a position where it can talk about "manifesting ignorance", since the title of the largest garbage collector in the world belongs to Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola transfers responsibility to consumers. Only partly rightly.

With one I agree - Coca-Cola should feel responsible for every packaging that is launched on the market. And the fact that consumers are responsible for pollution.

But dispatching influencers of empty bottles in my opinion is no different than the behavior of a tracksuit, who after colonizing Cola throws the bottle on the pavement, although the trash is 5 meters away.

You speak in a letter about consumer ignorance - how to name a behavior in which plastic bottles are sent, using many liters of fuel for their deportation? How can you talk about "change" when recycling is trying to encourage the company responsible for littering our planet to the greatest extent, in addition to doing so in the most non-ecological way possible?

Instead of wasting budgets for such games, Coca-Cola could invest, for example, in a new packaging, which clearly informs about the necessity of recycling. Or advertising that would explain to the masses what the problem is. In fact, they could put this money on the street and it would be a better application for them than doing it.

I like what Konrad Bagiński wrote in the post under the picture of his parcel:

I am extremely grateful that you sent me an empty bottle to throw away. I am thinking, however, about sending her away so that someone responsible for the idea could tap her on the head.

I think that further comment is unnecessary here. And I just hope that this action has not been deliberately designed to trigger a cry of opposition among its recipients. Because then we will not be able to talk about the usual ignorance of the largest corporate garbage collector in the world, but about the usual stupidity and extreme lack of responsibility.

As far as I am concerned, all the bottles sent today by Coca-Cola should collect the local Greenpeace department and leave under the Coca-Cola office, as they did recently under the Nestle headquarters. Maybe then it will reach the right people that this is not the way.


Pitchers of the year: Coca-cola sends empty bottles to people just to throw them in the trash


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