Phone thefts are still a real problem. We advise on how to secure your smartphone

The number of stolen telephones in Poland is declining every year, but it's good to be on guard. It is a good idea to install or at least configure the tool from the creators of the operating system, which will allow you to remotely track a leaded or misplaced phone.

Cell phones were once a tasty morsel for thieves. It was enough to remove the SIM card and sell the camera in the commission. Over the years, mobile devices are more and more secure, and their theft slowly loses meaning, since it is enough to set up a lock to change the lost smartphone in the expensive paperweight.

This does not mean, however, that the thieves gave up on the phones.

According to , last year, 14,000 stolen in our country. mobile phones. This number is constantly decreasing. A decade ago, 35,000 people were stolen devices of this type annually, and in 2005 it was 60,000 pieces. Let us add that the saturation of the market with expensive smartphones has increased since then.

The good news here is that the Office of Electronic Communications in Warsaw checked whether the operators block stolen telephones. It turned out that the networks - examined were Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile, as well as Cyfrowy Polsat - they perform the task as it should.

What is interesting, however, the number of locks assumed by operators is still at the same level - much lower than the number of stolen devices. It is exactly 3 thousand. pieces growing. Users can, however, block phones on their own. In the case of Android, even in several ways.

How to track and block a stolen or lost iPhone?

Apple's smartphones have been available for years with the Find my iPhone application. After logging in to the iCloud account, it is enough to run it once so that the device location is cyclically logged on the servers of the Cupertino company. If you just lose your phone from sight, simply log in to the service.

This can be done from the level of other hardware on which you are logged in to your Apple ID. Importantly, tracing can also be done from the level of the web browser on the website and, after setting up the iCloud Family service, from an Apple brand device belonging to a family member.

find my iphone find a stolen lost phone

Find My iPhone - additional features.

After starting the service, the user has several different options to choose from: activation of the audio signal, activation of the lost mode and data erasure. It is worth noting that on iPhones with the current version of the system the blockade is virtually unbreakable.

Even the FBI had even problems with the famous case regarding the San Bernardino terrorist. The servants managed to get information from the phone, but only because the criminal used the old version of the device, and so it absorbed a lot of resources.

Find my (not just) iPhone.

It is also worth mentioning that, contrary to the name, the Find my iPhone application allows tracing the last place where other electronic devices from the Cupertino company logged into the network. IPad, Mac, Apple Watch and AirPods are supported.

Interesting fact: Apple watch holders have an additional way to track down a broken device. If only the device is still in range, you can press the appropriate icon symbolizing the phone and sound waves in the menu of quick shortcuts in the watch. The phone will then make a loud sound.

How to track and block a stolen or lost Android phone?

In the case of devices with Android system there are many ways to target the device. Google's search engine for some phone-related password queries suggests entering . However, there are not many useful options out there besides being able to log out of your Google account.

To protect your device, first set up the Find My Phone function on it. It works similarly to Find my iPhone from Apple, although it was introduced a bit later. After activating it, all you have to do is log in to your account in the browser to view the device's charge status, its position on the map, play sound on your smartphone, log out of your Google account and remotely wipe your data.

find my phone find a stolen lost phone

In addition, owners of Android smartphones can install other applications that protect the phone. They often have additional features that Google has not foreseen, and some are able to survive the factory data reset if the thief succeeds.

Applications protecting the phone can, among others record sound or capture the image from the webcam at the user's request. An example of such a program, the installation of which is worth considering, is Cerberus . Phone tracking modules often also have programs called anti-viruses or security packages. Sometimes, their own applications of this type are added by producers.

Phone thefts are still a real problem. We advise on how to secure your smartphone


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