Pekao does not slow down. The bank is introducing contactless cashback

Even before Easter, three new POS terminals belonging to Bank Pekao SA will make available a new function - contactless cashback.

The cashback is changing the rules of the game

One of the new features at Pekao is contactless cashback. So far, to be able to take advantage of the possibility of withdrawing money from the POS terminal - we had to insert our card into it. This disqualified smartphones, watches or bands with payment card tokens.

And it was Bank Pekao SA who decided to change the rules of the game. The contactless cashback means that when shopping you will be able to withdraw cash only by bringing the card or other item with the mobile payment function closer to the terminal.

For starters in three thousand terminals

By the end, we are to have tests carried out by Pekao . Everything was to go according to plan, which allows you to enter the next stage. And this will be making the contactless cashback available in the first three thousand Pekao terminals. And in a moment - still in the pre-Christmas week.

The service is to be available to holders of Visa and MasterCard. The condition is one. The bank that issued the card must offer a cashback function. And only the decision of the owner, visible in the card's settings, allowing for contactless transactions.

Remember: cashback and moneyback are not the same

Cashback, or the possibility of withdrawing money while shopping, is becoming more and more popular. It is made available to customers by the vast majority of banks operating in Poland. But still, it is still possible that this possibility is confused with another - moneyback. Moneyback is a banking service based on the fact that the bank pays some of the expenses for non-cash transactions.

Most often, moneyback works so that about the middle of the month the bank itself transfers a certain amount to the customer's account. The amount obtained as part of the moneyback service is a percentage of the money spent on the card in the previous month.

Pekao does not slow down. The bank is introducing contactless cashback


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