Over 500 games for the Xbox in the spring promotion. Discounts up to 65 percent and games for less than PLN 40

xbox games promotion spring 2019

Microsoft clearly does not want us to go outside to celebrate the spring weather. Over 500 games and DLC on the Microsoft Store have been overpriced. Both for Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

I live in good times. I used to pass my favorite games many times, because not only were they great, but also there were not so many to choose from again. Today on the list of purchased titles I still have several items that I have not even launched yet. There are more great games out there than anyone has time to pass them all.

Soon, most of you and my list of shame will find new items. Microsoft has announced a great spring sale at the Microsoft Store, which includes hundreds of games and add-ons for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in Poland.

Over 500 games and additions as part of the spring clearance sale for Xbox consoles. But it is not everything.

Discounts often reach as much as 65 percent. What's more, 95 games on Xbox One have been discounted to below PLN 40, and subscribers to Xbox Live Gold automatically gain an additional discount (in most cases an additional 10 percent). But this is not the end.

12 box games have also been discounted. Their list is available at this address , and the rebate amounts range between PLN 40 and 100. As part of the spring promotion, we also get a discount of PLN 20 for a self-designed gamepad from Xbox Design Labs. In addition, as part of the promotion, you can buy the Xbox Live Gold month or the Xbox Game Pass quarterly for PLN 4. And for dessert: in the physical stores will be available codes for Game Pass: six months for the price of three.

Spring sale of games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 - which games have been discounted?

It is impossible to indicate all 500 items in this text. Fortunately, Microsoft has prepared a catalog of discounted items that you can conveniently browse and filter by categories. You can also buy discounted games from its level - these will be automatically installed on the console, even if you buy them from your phone or computer.

So let me recommend games below which I know well and with whom I spent a very pleasant time. Please remember that this is a very subjective choice. The promotion will last for the next 11 days. The prices given already include a discount for subscribers to Xbox Live Gold.

ABZU - PLN 35 instead of PLN 70


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (Deluxe Edition) - PLN 266 instead of PLN 380


Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Gold Edition) - PLN 207.50 instead of PLN 415


Battlefield V (Special Edition) - PLN 184.50 instead of PLN 370


BioShock : The Collection - PLN 59.75 instead of PLN 240


Burnout Paradise Remastered - PLN 22 instead of PLN 88


Cities: Skylines (Xbox One Edition) - PLN 42.50 instead of PLN 170


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - 18.60 PLN instead of 124 PLN


Diablo III : Eternal Collection - PLN 82.50 instead of PLN 250


DiRT Rally 2.0 (Digital Deluxe Edition) - PLN 170 instead of PLN 260


Doom - PLN 60 instead of PLN 80


EA Sports UFC 3 (Special Edition) - PLN 88.50 instead of PLN 295


Elite Dangerous (Commander Deluxe Edition) - PLN 88 instead of PLN 220


Far Cry New Dawn - PLN 95 instead of PLN 190


FIFA 19 - PLN 115.60 instead of PLN 290


Forza Horizon 4 (Ultimate Edition) - PLN 216 instead of PLN 360


Gears of War 4 - PLN 46.24 instead of PLN 185


Grand Theft Auto V - PLN 65 instead of PLN 130


LA Noire - PLN 127.50 instead of PLN 170


Mad Max - PLN 72.50 instead of PLN 290


Mass Effect: Andromeda (Edition Rekruta Deluxe) - PLN 47.40 instead of PLN 158


Metro Exodus (Gold Edition) - PLN 217.50 instead of PLN 290


Need for Speed ​​Payback - 52.14 PLN instead of 158 PLN


Ori and the Blind Forest (Definitive Edition) - 35 PLN instead of 70 PLN


Quantum Break - PLN 28.74 instead of PLN 115


Red Dead Redemption 2 (Special Edition) - PLN 210 instead of PLN 350


Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Digital Deluxe Edition) - PLN 165 instead of PLN 330


Star Wars Battlefront II - PLN 30 instead of PLN 100


Stellaris: Console Edition (Deluxe Edition) - PLN 187 instead of PLN 220


Super Lucky's Tale - PLN 60.11 instead of PLN 92.50


Tekken 7-104.50 PLN instead of 210 PLN


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Game Edition of the Year) - PLN 60 instead of PLN 200


Titanfall 2 (Ultimate Edition) - 17.70 PLN instead of 118 PLN


Trials Rising (Gold Digital Edition) - PLN 118.50 instead of PLN 158


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Digital Deluxe Edition) - PLN 190 instead of PLN 380


WMD worms - PLN 26.40 instead of PLN 80


XCOM 2 (Collection) - PLN 125.40 instead of PLN 380


Over 500 games for the Xbox in the spring promotion. Discounts up to 65 percent and games for less than PLN 40


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