Orange reduces prices for data roaming

Orange introduces new roaming rates. The prices for data transfer will change in just a few days. Calls and SMS messages remain unchanged.

Operators nearly two years ago had to implement the principle roam like at home . The new regulations in force across the European Union assume that customers can not pay more for travel on the telecommunications services in Europe than on the other. Networks, wanting not to want, have adapted to the new regulations.

Telecoms have managed to win a few exceptions to the rule including subsidies in prepaid offers and introduce defense mechanisms against people abusing roaming services, but as a rule, clients no longer have to worry about bankruptcy after sending a photo or conducting a short conversation. The rates in the addendum are constantly decreasing, because this was the plan from the beginning.

Orange announced that in a few days the price list for roaming services will change again.

In the case of pre-paid services in the Orange network, from April 19, the transfer fee for 1 GB of data transfer within the European Union will be lower by PLN 5.5. This is due to the change in the maximum rate for a surcharge to the price of 1 MB of data or for 1 MMS while roaming.

Pursuant to the new decision of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications, the aforementioned surcharge for 1 MB decreases from PLN 0.00738 to PLN 0.001845. This means that the surcharge for 1 GB of transfer in the case of prepaid offers in the Orange network will be PLN 1.89 in a few days.

In the case of other services, additional payments for users of pre-paid offers remain at the remaining level. For a minute of making a connection, you pay 0.05 PLN, you need to pay 0.02 PLN per minute of the call received, and sending one SMS message is a cost of 0.01 PLN.

Orange reduces prices for data roaming


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