Oppo Reno is not one, but three smartphones with a shark fin - first impressions

Oppo today officially presented its new phones in Europe. After the moments spent with the new basic model, I shared the impressions of the event , summarizing the conference . Now it's time to look closer at the shark's fin that hides the front camera and the other components in Oppo Reno, Oppo Reno 10X Zoom and Oppo Reno 5G.

The basis for the Oppo offer for 2019 are the Oppo Reno and Oppo Reno 10X Zoom telephones. They differ slightly in terms of parameters, size and length of the diagonal screen, but they are combined with stylistics. Added to this is Oppo Reno 5G, which will go on sale in several selected markets, where operators are ready for the 5th generation network.

Oppo Reno , or three new smartphones.

The devices whose official European premiere took place yesterday in Zurich definitely stand out from the competition. The producer decided to take a bold step and in all three he added a slider, i.e. a sliding panel with a front camera. It has a much more unusual shape than the Oppo Find X model. It is asymmetrical and resembles a shark fin.

However, this is not the end of surprises. Oppo Reno 10X Zoom has introduced an additional lens, so that the phone can take pictures with a 10x zoom, which the manufacturer calls a hybrid, which enabled a new periscope lens. Oppo Reno 5G is Oppo 10X Zoom variant equipped with an additional modem giving access to the 5th generation network .

I spent the whole afternoon with the new Oppo phones after the conference. I had the opportunity to check in practice new cameras - both the front hidden in the fin, and the main consisting of three lenses with a 10-fold hybrid zoom - and other components. It's time to talk a little more about them.

Oppo Reno

The basic model in Oppo's portfolio for 2019 was priced at 499 euros, which in pre-sale in Poland translates into 2199 zlotys. It is powered by the Snapdragon 710 processor and 6 GB or 8 GB RAM. The device has a 6.4-inch screen with a resolution of 2340 by 1080 pixels, which has virtually no frames. There is no notch, and the fingerprint reader hides under the surface of the screen.

The Oppo Reno fingerprint reader is not as comfortable as the Face ID, but it works so well that I forgot about the configuration after it. In addition, an icon appears on the dimmed AMOLED screen that shows where you need to touch the display to authorize.

The lack of a face scanner is due to the fact that the front camera has been cleverly hidden.

Oppo Reno, like Find X, uses the slider. However, you do not have to manually extend the lens - this happens automatically when you open the camera application in the selfie mode. It lasts according to the manufacturer 0.8 seconds, but I have the impression that the image from the camera appears on the screen even earlier - means at the moment the lens moves out. Thanks to this I did not feel that by switching to the front camera in the options, anything non-standard happens. The mechanism works much more quietly than in Oppo Find X.

The very shape of the retractable element, which brings to mind the fin, in principle I like it - because of its non-standardity, it is asymmetrical. However, I understand the negative reactions that some people who have seen in the photo raise. If I saw him all the time, I would probably hate him ... but let's not forget about two things. First of all, the slider only moves when taking self-portraits, and all the remaining time is hidden. Secondly, by doing these types of photographs, we look at the screen, not the space above it.

oppo reno

However, the man does not live alone with the camera.

The main photographic unit in Oppo Reno consists of two lenses. The main one takes pictures in resolutions up to 48 Mpix (f / 1.9). In addition, it uses the second - 5 Mpix (f / 2.4) - to collect more information about the recorded frame, which supports artificial intelligence algorithms that detect the image itself. The camera can recognize, for example, a bouquet of flowers or a group of people and adjust the settings to extract as much as possible from a given scene.

For years, however, the cameras have been doing the same on a mobile level during the day, and images caught by even medium-sized smartphones are hard to fault. The stairs begin with nighttime photos. I had the opportunity to take Oppo for a night walk in Zurich and the camera did quite well - of course, bearing in mind the price of this model. I compared it to the iPhone XS and in some cases it did better, but there is no approach to the top models of Samsung and Huawei.

The biggest disadvantage of the camera at Oppo Reno is its unpredictability.

Pictures taken at night can come out quite decently, but a moment later from the same place and under the same conditions comes a terribly burned soap. In addition, before taking a night photo you have to choose whether we will use the SI algorithms and a slightly longer exposure time, or manually activate the night mode.

There is no rule and you never know which photo will come out better. I think that I would use the car mode every day, and I would rather use the dedicated night mode in combination with a tripod. There is always the idea that the picture could go better with other settings.

Such, however, the charm of cameras in cheaper phones.

Just as such an iPhone does not make the best photos in the world and twice as cheaper, Oppo Reno can embarrass him, so at least the photos taken are repetitive. Lack of many settings and makes the user does not think about it. The picture is either good or weak, and combining in the situation settings would not save.

In the case of Android smartphones, there is no such certainty at all. You have to constantly wonder how to take a photo to get the best effect. Suffice it to say that the quality of photos on the new Oppo phone is still unattainable for flagship models from just a few years ago. People who have not changed their phone for years, will be satisfied anyway.

A nice surprise was the Oppo Reno software.

It is true that in ColorOS 6, which is based on the Android 9.0 Pie, a lot of inspiration iOS, but Oppo does not copy unreflectively competitive solutions for copying itself. It combines the advantages of the Google system with some specific and very good ideas from Apple, creating a pretty scathing mix.

There were both configuration options here, including modification of the aesthetic shortcut menu on the notification screen. Oppo allows you to match both the appearance and functionality of the software to your needs. However, it was married with O Cloud, the Oppo cloud for data and photos (up to 5 GB and 2560 photos in the free version), which is the answer to iCloud. Added to this are optional player modes, Dolny Atmos support and numerous other extras.

However, feel that Oppo Reno is not a top-shelf smartphone.

At first glance, he does very good pictures - at least I have the impression when they are displayed on the phone's screen - and all the necessary communication modules are in it, but during the initial configuration the animations could unpleasantly crunch. It's possible that the system still had data in the background after the first launch, but I do bet that the Snapdragon 710 processor is guilty. It's a good chip, but it's not a performance demon.

Of course, the trimming of the animations that I mention will not interfere with the normal use of the device, and most people will not even notice them. However, if someone expects an impeccable work culture from a smartphone, he should turn his eyes towards the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom. It is very similar to Oppo Reno at first glance, but the devil is in the details.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom

The second of the Oppo smartphones is such a typical flagship model. This is already heralding the price, which amounts to 799 euros on our continent. That's 60 percent. more than in the case of Oppo Reno, which is why I expect a more expensive model on our market with a label of 3.5 thousand. zł. As for the top device in the company's offer, taking into account how competitive equipment is valued, the price is adequate, although it is simply unquestionably much like a mobile phone.

Fortunately, customers who opt for this phone will not have to accept too many compromises. They will also get a slightly larger screen with a diagonal length of 6.6-inches at the same resolution, a larger link and a more powerful processor. The highlight of the program, however, is a camera consisting of three lenses.

oppo reno 10x zoom 5g 3

This allowed the company to boast a periscope camera and a 10x zoom.

The camera mounted in Oppo Reno 10X Zoom was presented already at MWC 2019 in Barcelona and then I described its construction and operation . Since then, the manufacturer has streamlined the design, refined the camera application and polished the algorithms. Thanks to this camera on the smartphone, in which the lenses are placed horizontally to get the equivalent of the higher focal length, it really makes an impression. I've also taken photos that show how the field of view changes.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom - basic mode.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom - magnification 1.0x.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom - larger image 2.0x.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom - magnification 6.0x.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom - 10.0x magnification.

At first glance, it is impossible to say that these are photos taken with the same smartphone. The focal length varies from 16 mm to 160 mm, and the phone selects which of the three lenses will capture the cage in a given scene, but it usually works well. At the same time, you can not forget that Oppo bends the game a bit here - as a 1.0x a panoramic image is treated, not the one from the main lens - but I can not wait until I can check this phone in the field. Just as much, but for a different reason, I am interested in the third representative of the Oppo Reno line.

Oppo Reno 5G

During the presentation after the Zurich conference, the producer focused on gaming in the context of the 5th generation network. In a few years thanks to 5G streaming games can become common, and a phone with a pad connected TV could replace the console. Well, even a TV set may be unnecessary thanks to the glasses of mixed reality, which I checked on the example of a product from the company nreal, which is Oppo's partner.

Unfortunately, from our perspective it is the least interesting of the new Oppo devices, because the 5G network in our country is just starting. After the conference in Zurich, however, I had the opportunity to lick out the future of the telecommunications market through the glass. The phone itself, or Oppo Reno 5G , looks and behaves exactly like the Oppo Reno 10X Zoom. It is only in the future that we will open the door to completely new possibilities.

Oppo Reno is not one, but three smartphones with a shark fin - first impressions


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