Only one group of Uber drivers will lose out on the new law. Taxi drivers will not get much

Uber driver Uber's driver uneven. The part only goes recreationally, including the application in the evenings or on weekends. There are also those who share it with part-time work elsewhere. The rest performs as many courses as they can, working even several hours a day. Each of them will touch the upcoming transport law to a different extent.

The recently suspended strike of taxi drivers has not changed the shape of the amendment to the transport law so far, but it may speed up the procedure. Under pressure from the trade unionists, it was declared that the new law would be ready even before the holidays . What's more - vacatio legis will be shortened as well.

What can we expect? In the course of work, the project may be changed 10 times, but currently it assumes a significant liberalization of the regulations. On the driver's side, it is primarily the abolition of examinations from the topography of the city or the reduction of fees for obtaining a license. You will not have to show financial security for vehicles, and applications will be able to replace expensive taximeters. So what will stay? Actually, only a driving license, a record of a criminal record and an obligation to hold a license. Although the cost of obtaining the latter is to be much lower than before.

The main change is in fact that the act can force drivers to run a business. Until now, some of them (supposedly around 40 percent) avoided this requirement by hooking up to fleet partners.

Some experts believe that after the amendment the platform will also find a way to remove drivers from the need to start a company, but this is not a foregone conclusion. Responsibility for their activities will fall on Uber , which will cease to be a "platform connecting drivers and passengers" and will start to realistically answer for what people using the application are doing.

In an interview with Puls HR, Adrian Furgalski from the TOR Economic Advisers Team even puts forward a thesis that Uber will become another taxi corporation.

Drivers who use the application from 20 to 40 hours a week are the ones who have to lose the most.

Increased costs mean a large (percentage) drop in profit.

- Those who drive about 60 hours a week, after deducting commission, can count on salaries similar to those of taxi drivers who drive the most. You probably will not quit your job and adapt to the new rules. Estimates show that 25 percent taxi drivers earn 5,000 net amount, after deducting all costs - says Furgalski.

At the other pole, we have drivers who get into the car sporadically. They, in the opinion of the TOR expert, are likely to give up driving altogether.

It's just that in their case it is a loss of extra money, without which they can cope. Today Uber driver (if he drives within 35-40 hours a week) earns about 3.5-4 thousand. zł. By dividing it, for example, by a quarter, we get money within a thousand zlotys a month.

A nice addition, in the case of the majority of occasional drivers, is probably not decisive for life and death.

Interestingly, according to Furgalski, the bill will not affect the situation of taxi drivers in any way. The expert compares the taxi-Uber relation to this well-known airline. The liquidation of Ryanair or Wizz Aira would not have any impact on LOT's or British Airways' income. Some customers would simply stop flying and chose other means of transport. It would probably be similar if the government decided to "ban" Uber . Instead of going to taxis, customers would simply switch to buses.

Only one group of Uber drivers will lose out on the new law. Taxi drivers will not get much


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