Ok, Google, what balance do I have on my account? ING Bank ÅšlÄ…ski s clients can use the Google Assistant

The tests of the voice functions of the Moje ING banking application have been successfully completed . As announced, the clients of ING Bank Śląski can count on the help of the Google Assistant. Voice commands will allow you to check your account balance or use Blik.

The fourth month has passed since the launch of the Google Assistant on the Vistula River. Today, with his help, we can check the air quality or order food .

ING Bank Śląski first tested the voice commands in the new version of its banking application. And that everything went according to plan - now they have made this solution available to their clients.

Voice commands in Moje ING mobile.

ING Bank Śląski, as the first bank, enables users of the Moje ING mobile application to voice the selected functions using the Google Assistant - this is how the press release of ING Bank Śląski begins on how to enable customers to use voice commands in mobile banking.

Voice features are available on the screen before logging in to the mobile application. Using the Google Assistant, you can ask ING mobile about my balance, generate a blik code or make a quick transfer between your accounts.

After saying "OK Google, search for balance in My ING mobile" account status will be displayed on the screen before logging in. In the settings of the application, we can define how the amount of our balance is to be presented to us. There are two options: either we'll see the exact amount or the pre-set percentage.

The same applies to transfers between user accounts. You have to set in advance between which bills are supposed to flow money and in what amount. Voice commands for quick transfers may refer to amounts of 50, 100 or 200 PLN. Let's remember that the Google Assistant is only useful in the case of ING Bank Śląski accounts. It is not possible to give instructions in a voice to transfer money to another bank's account.

The Blik code is valid for 2 minutes.

Voice commands will also allow us to generate a Blik code. Its validity will be the same as that created by hand, or two minutes. Just say to your smartphone "Ok Google, search for the beat in My ING mobile" and you're done.

All these functions in the Moje ING mobile application from version 2.9.2. Support for the Moje ING mobile application using the Google Assistant is available on Android devices. The minimum required version is Android 5.0.

Ok, Google, what balance do I have on my account? ING Bank Śląski's clients can use the Google Assistant


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