Nintendo will show you new versions of the console. What do we know about Switch Mini / Lite and Pro / XL?

There were more unofficial reports about the new version of the Nintendo console. The question remains whether it will be Switch Mini, Lite, Pro or XL.

Nintendo went against the tide. Instead of competing with Sony and Microsoft in the same field, the Japanese presented a complementary console to the products of the competition. The switch is a handheld which can be optionally connected to the TV. Mobility and the catalog of exclusive games reward players with less computing power than in the Xbox and PlayStation .

Players loved Nintendo Switch . This can be seen after the next sales results. The console present in stores has been breaking records for two years. It looks, however, that the company can now look for a way to encourage the purchase of the next version of the current owners. Changes in the operating system version 8.0.0 indicate that something is on the table.

Nintendo Switch Mini / Switch Lite - what do we know?

The first console can go to the console, which for the purpose of the text is the name Switch Mini (although in the network it is also referred to as Switch Lite). Rumors about this version have been circulating for several months. Equipment, sold at a lower price than the current price, would appear in stores in the fall, or shortly before the premiere of the first full-fledged edition of the Pokemon series.

According to the latest news, the Nintendo Switch Mini would be a console designed for people who only play mobile. Admittedly, there would be no option to connect it to the TV completely, but it would not be crucial. The console would be targeted mainly at younger customers. It is possible that in this version Joy-Cony would be an integral part of the device.

I believe that such equipment would be a hit. I play on the Switch myself, mainly outside the home. Smaller dimensions, a better battery and a lower price could encourage the purchase of new players. And who knows - even the owners of the previous version could be tempted to this model. This would become a typical home console ... and in the future she could wait for a successor.

Nintendo Switch Pro / Switch XL - what do we know?

According to further reports, in addition to the console, which I call Nintendo Switch Mini work, there may be another variant of this equipment on sale. This time, we're talking about editing that gives you access to a larger amount of computing power. It would not be Nintendo Switch 2, however, and I expect the name Nintendo Switch Pro or Nintendo Switch XL.

Rumors about such a device have also appeared for a long time. Nintendo is clearly following the path set by the competition. In the case of Sony, the first version of PlayStation 4 was replaced by the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles . Microsoft, in turn, referred back to the basic edition of the Xbox One console for the past in favor of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X models.

In the case of this device, the latest reports indicate, however, that it is not a priority for Nintendo. According to information provided by Slashgear , Nintendo Switch Mini / Lite will appear first, and only later - if at all - Nintendo Pro / XL. For now, the company has not yet defined a vision, what exactly will improve in this version, and therefore rather not count on the premiere this year.

Nintendo will show you new versions of the console. What do we know about Switch Mini / Lite and Pro / XL?


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