Nintendo Switch is a great console for portable games with PS3 and Xbox 360

The firemen in the editorial office are claiming that I only play reheated chops on the Switch from years ago. Putting aside the capital's list of exclusive Nintendo games, there's a lot of truth in it. A portable Japanese console is for me what PS Vita was supposed to be - a mobile platform capable of supporting PS3 and Xbox 360 hits. Unfortunately, Vita turned out to be too weak. Darksiders Warmastered Edition proves in turn that the Switch has this power just right.

It turned out that I did not agree with Darksiders. When the game appeared in 2010, it worked terribly. Optimization on PS3 lay and squealed. I could not withstand the title for more than several dozen minutes. In 2016, Darksiders struck again as Warmastered Edition for PS4 and XONE. However, over the years of great games, our paths diverged. It was only on the Katowice-Warsaw train that I gave this production opportunity, pulling Switch out of the backpack. But I was surprised.

Darksiders is a damn pleasant combination of God of War, Zelda, Warcraft and Legacy of Kain.

The characters and opponents look alive out of World of Warcraft. Powerful champions wield big swords and shields, and their armor is characterized by a disproportionate thickness. The massive heroes are also extremely fast in battle, cutting their blades like the god of war Kratos in the God of War series. The eternal conflict between Hell and Heaven has been poured into all that can be associated with such brands as Diablo and Constantine. Nothing groundbreaking, but the designs of characters or dialogues with demons are nothing but pleasure.

It is also nice that Darksiders is not a linear production pain. From that time on, a larger location will be found, which can be relatively freely explored. We will also come back to many places. Thanks to new powers (such as, for example, demonic wings), we get into new places that were previously beyond the reach of the protagonist. This is none other than the Rider of the Apocalypse himself: War. The antihero is drawn into the middle of a conflict that heralds the end of the world. Well, at least for the human species.

I do not intend to create a full review of 2010. I just wanted to outline the gameplay background, which for many may seem really interesting. I'm honestly surprised how good Darksiders are. Not outstanding. Not revolutionary. But it's really nice, wild and satisfying. The development of War skill draws in, and the hero's progress reminded me of the best times with the dusty series of Legacy of Kain. Blood Omen 2 or Defiance - unfortunately, today you do not do such games anymore. Detriment.

Darksiders Warmastered Edition on the Switch are two game modes: efficient and advanced graphically.

When I switched the slider from graphics to performance, I felt a huge relief. The game started working in 60 frames per second, which is quite an essential element for every hack'n'slasha. At half of this value, you can have the impression that Darksiders suffocates. In 30 cages, the game worked on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and at that time I felt that this value was completely unsuitable for dynamic gameplay. There are games for which 30 fps is a bearable value. However, Darksiders definitely does not belong to this collection.

The very fact that Darksiders on the Switch works twice as fast from the same PS3 / X360 game puts Warmastered in a very positive light. Of course, compromises had to be made to achieve this state of affairs. At 60 frames the resolution of the game drops from native 1080p to 1440 by 810 pixels. It is a sacrifice that I am able to bear without any whining. Resolution reduction does not result in a noticeable decrease in sharpness. In addition, all advanced graphic effects characteristic of Warmastered Edition remain in place.

Of course, for today's standards, Darksiders has long since ceased to be pretty. Even in 2010, when the game first appeared on shop shelves, she was definitely not a pretender to the beauty miss title. Today the title on the Switch seems rough. The locations could get more details. The game, however, still can be charming. Of course, in your demonic, brutal, somewhat comic way. For this, re-created films are an absolute pleasure for the eyes and ears. It's been a long time ago that I did not enjoy the cutscenes. A great cinema that drives a plot machine well.

Interestingly, Darksiders Warmastered Edition on Nintendo Switch operates in Polish.

Although information about support for Polish subtitles can not be found on the game card in eShop, the native language can be selected in the settings. It is interesting that the original Darksiders from 2010 were available only in foreign languages. At the next generation of consoles this problem was gone and it's good that THQ Nordic thought about players from Central Europe. Unfortunately, as for the port from nine (!) Years ago, the price of Darksiders Warmastered Edition is as western as possible.

You have to pay PLN 120 for playing in the digital version. This means that the owners of Nintendo consoles pay the "Switch tax" again. On a hybrid console, a significant part of the games is more expensive than their counterparts on the PS4 / XONE / PC. It partially rewards the value of mobility. Darksiders on a train or bus is a very pleasant experience. However, there are productions, such as the Polish The Observer, which do not gain mobility at all. You must pay additional tribute, however, if you want to play Switch.

A port machine from years ago? It does not bother me completely. On the contrary.

From playing big, new, loud productions I have PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X and gaming laptop. Nintendo Switch is a complementary console. A bit exotic escape. A platform on which I play titles, for which I would rather not reach on the console connected to the big TV in the living room. If it was not for Switch, I would not play in Darksiders, from which I can not tear myself away. I got to know a very good game that would normally go past my nose. The fact that she has 5, 10 or 15 years on her neck is secondary to me, unless the price seems extremely unfair.

One can exclaim that Switch is a machine for earning money on ports. If, however, thanks to this I will discover some good games - hey, why not? What's wrong with that? Among others I bought PlayStation Viva a few years ago. I dreamed of a gadget that will allow you to play titles with the same degree of expansion as on PS3 or Xbox 360. Switch is such a hardware. While ports like Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Assassin's Creed III: Remastered or TES V: Skyrim will be distributed at reasonable prices, they can flood eShop like tsunamis. If Nintendo did not forget to release new games as often as before.

* Screenshots were made in Darksiders Warmastered Edition running on the Nintendo Switch in performance mode (60 fps).

Nintendo Switch is a great console for portable games with PS3 and Xbox 360


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