New EliteBooks and ZBooks from HP. For companies that focus on security

hp elitebook zbook 2019

HP announced on its Innovation Summit new portable computers designed for business applications. Their key element, apart from high-quality construction, is safety.

The new representatives of the ZBook and EliteBook product lines in terms of specifications and design do not especially stand out on the market. For some time, HP computers have been showing a very high level, both from the hardware side and from the installed software. I assume that it will be similar in new models.

HP is positioning its computers this year, but first of all as devices guaranteeing work safety. Once again, it praises the built-in self-healing BIOS, which in effect is virtually unbreakable by cybercriminals. For the second time, these computers (or rather their subversions) will be hit by the Sure View screen, which, on request, makes it impossible to view its contents by an outsider looking sideways. This year, however, something new happened.

It is a platform for protection against malicious software called Sure Sense, which I will write in more detail in a separate entry. Premeditated, I use the word "platform", because it is more than a new anti-virus application and requires a dedicated hardware layout to operate. It is said to be devastatingly effective, and now it is known that it has a negligible effect on the performance of the computer.

New HP in business computers are new models in the EliteBook and ZBook lines.

hp elitebook zbook 2019

The new models from the EliteBook 800 line, and more specifically the HP EliteBook 830/840/850 G6, are opening a parade of new computers. These notebooks offer a diagonal of 13, 14 and 15.6 inches, respectively. The devices are equipped with the latest processors and clear displays, as well as (optionally) very fast LTE modems.

hp elitebook zbook 2019

The HP EliteBook x360 G6 is basically almost the same computer as above. However, it differs in the hinge that allows you to use the computer as a tablet and display that supports the HP Smart Pen.

hp elitebook zbook 2019

The HP ZBook 14u / 15u G6 are real mobile workstations equipped with the fastest computing units from Intel and 32 GB of RAM. They can be equipped with a very fast SSD memory with a capacity from 128 to 2048 GB. They are available, as the model names suggest, in 14- and 15.6-inch varieties, with IPS UHD displays.

hp elitebook zbook 2019

The latest feature is the EliteDisplay E324q monitor, which is positioned as an accessory for EliteBooks. It's a 31.5-inch QHD display with HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C connectors. Of course, it does not contain the Sure Sense layout.

New EliteBooks and ZBooks from HP. For companies that focus on security


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