mytaxi wanted to be cheaper than Uber. The furious drivers came to the company s headquarters

The mytaxi company may have faced one of the major crises since its appearance in Poland. A group of about several dozen drivers came to the company's headquarters in the morning, demanding changes in the Lite service. They argue that without subsidies from mytaxi it is not profitable for them to take courses. Representatives of the application are responsible - thanks to Lite we are cheaper than Uber and Bolt .

Please look. We stand here for a few minutes, and 5 people have gone away without cocks. They have already given up, and there will be more. People will give up - one of the taxi drivers using mytaxi, who appeared on Friday morning in front of the company, explains to me.

The drivers are embittered. They claim that from Thursday 4 April mytaxi ceased to pay extra to the courses they have completed through the Lite service. It is based on the fact that the customer getting to know the taxi knows the cost of the whole trip in advance.

mytaxi Lite does not allow you to change the route and make stops. It is only a journey from point A to point B with the shortest possible route. So what the average taxi user needs - explained the principles of its operation Dawid Kosinski .

Thanks to this, using mytaxi Lite was cheaper than traveling with Uber or Bolt.

And here we have to deal with professional taxi drivers. How is this possible?

From the beginning of the operation, Lite mytaxi paid the taxi drivers the difference between the indication of the taximeter and the amount that appeared on the application. In some cases, these are large amounts, when the taxi driver stuck in a traffic jam could reach even several dozen zlotys.

The app calculated the value of the service at PLN 36, and the meter dialed PLN 68 for one and a half hours of standing in traffic jams - complained on Facebook.

Lite is merciless in this matter. The taxi driver receives information about a specific amount before the order. He does not get a "time trial" just the kilometer itself. And this is 2 PLN or 2.40 PLN depending on the class of the car. Earlier, this first rate was the bottom threshold for which you could drive using the application. At the same time the commission for mytaxi remained at an earlier level, which means that drivers are doubly losing.

One of the drivers also threw a screen with the order proposed by the application. For a 20-kilometer course, the lump sum was ... 30 zlotys. So the customer would drive much cheaper than in Uber . This may be an application error, but the rate is shockingly low.

Mytaxi introduced Lite to more effectively compete with Uber and Bolt.

According to the protesters - too effectively. - I am not able to drive at rates comparable to Uber. They do not pay taxes and insurance, they do not have taximeters. After changes, I will go below costs - says one of my interlocutors.

And gives specific examples. - Yesterday I made a short course, where I lost 2 zlotys. Please count yourself that I will make 600 such monthly courses. That will be PLN 1,200. Would you give such money voluntarily to someone? - he asks rhetorically.

Sam sums up his fixed costs at 6.5 thousand. PLN monthly. This includes taxes, car leasing costs, and depreciation. You need to add fuel to this amount. - To earn at least 4,000 clean, you have to make a really big turnover. I do not want to drive 14 hours a day to support my family - he explains.

The mytaxi company sees it a bit differently. He emphasizes that the Lite service is very popular among customers and will be on offer.

According to our research, 95 percent of passengers mytaxi users appreciate the price in advance. 83 percent he claims that thanks to Lite he uses taxis more often - says Krzysztof Urban, Managing Director of mytaxi.

At the same time, it ensures that "the Lite service will continue to be supported by the mytaxi marketing budget".

This would indicate that under the pressure of drivers, the company decided to withdraw from cutting off from subsidizing the trips.

We understand the attitude of drivers who, currently operating on a very competitive market, are concerned about the future of their profession. We conduct talks with our drivers in our office to answer their questions and present solutions that will allow them to successfully compete in the market - Urban adds.

It is surprising that mytaxi has put on such a bold step almost on the eve of the powerful taxi drivers' strike . Earlier, the application boasted that 40 percent. of her drivers, she does not consider taking part in the protest. Now he must quickly resolve the conflict so that these proportions do not change.

mytaxi wanted to be cheaper than Uber. The furious drivers came to the company's headquarters


  1. Can you share some taxi apps name? So that whenever I need taxi service I can get it through an app.


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